Doctor Who Listener Archive - 1976/77

Note: These are the articles, photos and other Doctor Who related items from issues of the New Zealand Listener. The full text of each item has been transcribed as it is often indistinct on the scanned cuttings. Spelling and grammar have not been corrected. We would like to hear from anyone who can provide better quality copies or scanned originals of any of these cuttings and also from anyone who can identify any additional Doctor Who items from the New Zealand Listener that have not been included here.

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Listener Clippings

[clipping: 1976-07-31]

21 August 1976
Vol 82 No 1915 (21 Aug - 27 Aug 1976)
p93: photo (b/w) of Sarah [from The Time Warrior]; TV listings: Death to the Daleks Part Four (TV2, Friday 27/8/76) [photo and caption quotes are both sourced from the 1973 Radio Times Doctor Who tenth anniversary special]

The pretty assistant in DR WHO (7.0) is Elisabeth Sladen who, before she went to drama school, had a strong Liverpool accent - just like Cilla Black's - and has been known to shout "Geroff!" when she accidentally bumps her shin on a Dalek. "I don't mind monsters like the Daleks," she says, "'s the little moving things that frighten me. I hate creepies." Tonight's episode, the last of the Death to the Daleks story, has lots of creepies - a space plague - and the antidote is on Exxilon.

[clipping: 1976-08-27]

p93: illustration (b/w) of the Doctor Who 'diamond logo'; TV listings: Death to the Daleks Part Four (TV2, Friday 27/08/76)

[clipping: 1977-03-19]

19 March 1977
Vol 85 No 1943 (19-25 Mar 1977)
p65: photo (b/w) of Elisabeth Sladen; TV listings: The Monster of Peladon Part One (SPTV, Sunday 20/03/77)

Sunday choice

Left: Elisabeth Sladen looks relaxed at the moment - but the tension is on in "The Monster of Peladon", a new six-part story in the DR WHO series (6.35), in which she is Sarah, the Doctor's assistant.

[clipping: 1977-04-02]

2 April 1977
Vol 85 No 1945 (2-8 Apr 1977)
p61: photo (b/w) of the Third Doctor and Sarah [from The Monster of Peladon]; TV listings: The Monster of Peladon Part Three (TV2, Sunday 03/04/77)

The BBC has always gone to great lengths to fashion impressive costumes and fearsome physiognomies for the monsters in DR WHO (6.35). The Monster of Peladon is no exception, umbilicus and all, in the six-part story continuing tonight when civil war threatens and the horrific ice warriors are on the march.

[clipping: 1977-04-23]

23 April 1977
Vol 85 No 1948 (23-29 Apr 1977)
p69: photo (b/w) of Azaxyr, Sskel and Sarah Jane [from The Monster of Peladon]; TV listings: The Monster of Peladon Part Six (SPTV, Sunday 24/04/77) ['Ssorg' should in fact be 'Sskel']

Above: Dr Who and Sarah Jane are caught up in the civil war on Peladon. In the final of the six-part story (6.35) Asaxyr (Alan Bennion, left), leader of the ice warriors, and Ssorg, his deputy, are in the middle of the struggle for control over their forces. Will the power of Aggredor, the monster of Peladon, triumph or be broken forever?

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