TSV 12

March 1989

TSV 12
Published March 1989

Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!"
Printed by
D. Ogier
Front cover art
Samantha Hayman
Back cover art
Alistair Hughes


A new look for the fanzine, achieved using an improved typeface and layout on a better desktop publishing system. TSV's first comic strip story (funny cartoons excepted) was Pilots of the Deep, written and drawn by Mark Roach. This issue featured part one. Logopolis came top of the club's Season 18 survey, and TSV began to use artwork on the covers, replacing the predominantly photographic images of previous issues. The issue was dedicated to club member Andrew Freeman, who died unexpectedly shortly before the issue was completed.





Reviews: Television

Reviews: Book


Print contents

4.Editorial Andrew Poulsen
5.Andrew Freeman [Obituary]
6.Data Correspondence [Letters]
Kate Orman, Stephen Murray, Tim Blackburn, Ken Tod, Adam Schartz, Nigel Flockhart, Murray Jackson, Richard Scheib, Sonya Cameron
10.Tardis Tales with Kane from Dragonfire [Cartoon] Graham Muir
11.The Leisure Hive [News]
12.Galactic Junkmail
13.Pharos Project [Preview]
14.Wallscrawl [News]
14.Land of Fiction [News]
15.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
16.Doctor Who Biographies: Colin Baker [Biography] Scott Walker
17.The Mars Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
19.Cybermen [Book Review] Jon Preddle
20.Cybermen [book Review] Pat Albertson
21.Edge of Destruction [Book Review] Dillon Mayhew
21.Edge of Destruction [Book Review] Paul Scoones
23.The Smugglers [Book Review] Paul Scoones
23.The Doctor muses on how the Daleks always know where he is [Cartoon] Darrell Patterson
24.Delta and the Bannermen [Book Review] Scott Walker
25.New Zealand's Dose of the Doctor Paul Scoones & Jon Preddle (Superceeded by Another Time and Space)
28.Tardis Tales: An Alternative Ending to 'The War Games'! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
29.Season 18 poll results
37.My View of Season Eighteen [Opinion] Chris Noaro
38.The Twenty Fifth Season overviews [Television Review] Scott Walker, Richard Scheib, Ken Tod
39.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Scott Walker
41.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Murray Jackson
41.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Ken Tod
42.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Craig Young
42.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Stephen Murray
42.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Richard Scheib
43.Remembrance of the Daleks [Television Review] Wendy Toynton
44.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Murray Jackson
44.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Ken Tod
44.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Craig Young
44.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Stephen Murray
45.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Richard Scheib
45.The Happiness Patrol [Television Review] Wendy Toynton
46.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Murray Jackson
46.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Ken Tod
46.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Craig Young
46.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Stephen Murray
46.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Richard Scheib
47.Greatest Show in the Galaxy [Television Review] Wendy Toynton
48.The Doctor Who Exegesis: The Aztecs [Regular] Craig Young
49.The Edge-egesis of Destruction [Regular] Richard Scheib, Michael Chisnall
53.Pilots of the Deep [Comic Strip] Mark Roach
55.Reviviscere [Fiction] Paul Scoones
59.The Faceless Ones

Artwork by: Samantha Hayman, Alistair Hughes (View thumbnails)