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Build the TARDIS

by Mark Harris

Book Review by Ken Tod

One of the more unusual bits of Doctor Who merchandise on the market is the Target book Build The TARDIS.

Sorry, folks, this is not an instruction manual on how to build an actual TARDIS. But for those of us interested in Doctor Who memorabilia you are able to make your own scale model of the TARDIS exterior, the Police Telephone Box.

The book consists of 16 pages. A one page introduction, step by step instructions, and eight pages containing the parts - ranging from side walls and corner posts to the base, roof and beacon. Construction of the model is reasonably straightforward, as all the parts have been pre-cut. Simply press out the parts you need, fold as required, insert the tabs in their appropriate slots and Hey Presto! you have a completed Police Box.

It is not as easy as this but as with constructing any model, read your instructions carefully and follow them in the described order. The model itself is an accurate representation of the TARDIS exterior as seen on the programme, so with lots of care and patience you should be satisfied with the end result. The introduction is excellent, giving a broad overview of the programme, some background history on Gallifrey and TARDISes, and the history of the Metropolitan Police Telephone Box.

Not a bad effort for a scale model of the TARDIS, but personally I hope that Sevans models in the UK (who do the superb 1/5th scale model of the Dalek, Cyberman and Ice Warrior) will also be producing a scale model of the TARDIS exterior and interior in the near future, something that would be a bit bigger and more solid.

This item appeared in TSV 13 (May 1989).