TSV 14

July 1989

TSV 14
Published July 1989

Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!"
Printed by
D. Ogier
Front cover art
Maggie Holmes
Back cover art
Alistair Hughes


The reduced length of this issue was due to the fact that it was put out very soon after Trakon (the NZDWFC's first convention), but readers were compensated by the inclusion of the Doctor Who Listener Vol 1 with this issue. The last of Richard Scheib's Exegesis articles appeared. Tardis Tales evolved into a full two-page comic strip from this issue. The second part of the Pilots of the Deep comic strip was published, but the rest of the story did not see publication for ten years!




Reviews: Television

Reviews: Book


Print contents

3.K9 makes a mess [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
4.Editorial Andrew Poulsen
4.Daleks playing computer games [Cartoon] Tanya Cathel-Black
6.Data Correspondence [Letters]
Nicholas McDonnell, Alistair Hughes, Chris Girdler, Dillon Mayhew, Darrell Patterson, Murray Jackson, Chris Mander, Edwin Patterson, Jon Preddle, Graham Howard, Brian Hickley, Tony Pedley, Nigel Flockhart, Michael McLay, Peter Day
11.Dalek Quote-a-matic [Cartoon] Giles Tanner
12.The Leisure Hive [News]
12.A Sontaran relates the spoils of their Earth conquests [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
12.Maurice Colbourne [Obituary]
13.Galactic Junkmail
13.Wallscrawl [News]
14.Land of Fiction [News]
15.Tardis Tales - The Doctors' Challenge! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
16.Dragonfire [Book Review] Stephen Austin
16.Does Life exist outside of our solar-system and if so, how can we make a buck out of it? [Cartoon] Giles Tanner
17.Attack of the Cybermen [Book Review] Paul Scoones
18.Tegan and the Trogs [Review] Mark Olsen
19.The Nightmare Fair [Book Review] Joshua Preston
20.Shada [Book Review] Pat Albertson
21.Season 21 Review [Television Review] Richard Scheib
22.Russian Dalek Dolls [Cartoon] Tanya Cathel-Black
23.The First N.Z. Doctor Who Movie!! Chris Mander
24.All You Never Wanted to Know about 'The Happiness Patrol' Craig Young
26.Title Tattles Paul Scoones
28.Reversing the Polarity of the Neutrons Nicholas Smeaton
29.Should the Eighth Doctor be a Woman Craig Young
30.The TARDIS lands... [Cartoon] Tanya Cathel-Black
31.Trivia [Regular] Jon Preddle
32.Exegesis: The Rescue [Regular] Richard Scheib, Michael Chisnall
38.Pilots of the Deep [Comic Strip] Paul Scoones, Mark Roach
41.New Zealand's Dose of the Doctor Paul Scoones & Jon Preddle (Superceeded by Another Time and Space)
43.Tardis Tales - The Doctors' Challenge [Cartoon] Graham Muir

Artwork by: Maggie Holmes, Matthew Morris, Neil Lambess, Alistair Hughes (View thumbnails)