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By Andrew Poulsen

Well, welcome to the 1990s, people! We're back again for still more madness and mayhem! Doesn't this attitude worry you sometimes???

Well, here I am, just completed the entire 64 page issue of TSV for this bi-month, and having to write an editorial that I cannot really concentrate on. Hmm, what to say? Should I mention the next issue, and how it will premiere some of the new publicity material for the NZDWFC, and will probably have a slightly different format. Nah! That would be giving it away!

So, let's see, what else can I talk about, my brilliant cooking skills, and how I've been constantly held up in typing TSV because of demands in my new flat. Nope, that'd bore them all.

Okay, how about the state of the club. Mention the fact that we now have in excess of 200 members and we haven't even started our intensive publicity campaign yet. Point out yet again that we are the largest science fiction club in New Zealand, and that all of our members are absolutely wonderful for joining, and how we hope they will all support the club and help us to double our numbers over the next year. Tell them about some of the great deals we're trying to line up for them, with discount photographs of the stars of Doctor Who just for starters. No, they'd probably say I'm beating my chest again, and accuse me of being up myself, and I wouldn't want that.

Tell them about all the brilliant help we have running the club from people like Peter Smith (the man who keeps me sane), Wendy Toynton (who puts up with all the typing, phone calls and everything else that running this club entails), Janine Gredig (who does everything possible to make sure we get all the mail answered at least three months after we received it), Richard Scheib (who brings me back down to earth when I come up with another crazy publicity idea, and helps with the typing chores and running of the club in general) and Stephen Murray (because he's got some great ideas), plus all of my flatmates who put up with me ranting and raving, stomping and speaking out loud. No, I can't do that, it sounds like an academy award thank you list. But then, I suppose that's what it is!

I know, I'll tell them all about this large blue famous cardboard box. Yeap, the one that's still sitting in Mum and Dad's garage at home. The one that should have materialised in Ivan Sinkovich's place sometime last August. I'll get around to fixing that demat. circuit one of these days, Paul. Just you wait and see. Although I think the cheque's probably expired by now, so if you'd like to send a new one it'd be appreciated (and you can cancel the old one). Apparently it'll only be around $20.00.

Maybe that's not a good thing to waffle on about for an entire editorial. Okay, well, what else is there??? Hmmm...

Got it, I'd like to say something about Alistair Hughes, a knight in shining armour. The guy is wonderful. Back at Trakon (you do remember Trakon, don't you? If you didn't make it you have my sympathy.) Alistair and I briefly discussed a new idea for a publicity campaign for the club. Anyway, we both let it rest for a month or so, and then all of a sudden I get a letter from him all enthusiastic about doing it. "Great!" I thought, and we got to work on it. Low and behold, it's all finished. We now have a new logo, a new letterhead, collectable bookmarks, publicity fliers, plus a few other bits and pieces. And, in addition to all this, he also took the time to write four articles detailing the process he went through creating the TSV covers (back & front) artwork. These will be printed in upcoming issues. The guy's amazing, because as well as all this, he's also gotten married and is going away for a year overseas with his new wife starting mid February. We're going to miss you Alistair! I look forward to receiving more of your wonderful work in 1991, if I'm still editing TSV. If not, I'm sure you'll still please every DW fan in NZ by producing more artwork to share with us all.

Alistair Hughes, I salute you, and wish you a happy Bon Voyage!

Catch you next issue,
Andrew Poulsen.

This item appeared in TSV 17 (January 1990).