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Terror of the Vervoid

by by Pip and Jane Baker

Book review by Mark Sherstone

Terror of the Vervoids follows Mindwarp and is one of the best novelisations I have ever come across. The story starts on a sombre note in the courtroom the Doctor is still trying to come to terms with the death of Peri. On a happier note, the plot is excellent, and the characters and the Vervoids are also great. I liked the Vervoids, certainly the most unusual creatures to date, with their plant like bodies and human-like heads, the only thing missing is the nose. I can just imagine these plant-like menaces slithering around and they have a nasty habit of sticking poisonous thorns into you if you're not careful.

As always there is a complete bummer in the book, and this is no exception. In this case it was the introduction of Mel, it was far too abrupt for my liking, first we see the Doctor in the TARDIS, unaware that he is very close to a space liner called the Hyperion Three, and all you are told about Mel is that she has been with the Doctor for three months and that she is twenty-two years of age. You are told nothing of how she came to be with the Doctor at all! Even though the story took place in the Doctor's future, the Baker's could have supplied some explanation as to Mel's origins.

I'm looking forward to the TV programme, as the description of the Vervoids is very good, how well will they come across on TV? The story does get a little weak at the knees sometimes but is a good read especially if you like plants.

TARDIS rating: eight out of ten.

This item appeared in TSV 17 (January 1990).

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