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What's Really inside a Dalek

By Alden Bates

Yeah, I know it's been done before... several times... all right, many tines. Oh well. Time to play 'Guess my Body Part'. Evidence that Daleks don't exist in our universe: If they did, they would have kidnapped Jon Preddle for his knowledge long ago.

Me? Fixated with Daleks? Never!

[Diagram: Dalek Cutaway]

  1. Pseudo-robotic Dalek
  2. Real Dalek (With shell controller skull cap). It is a little known fact that Daleks are actually small, cute and furry. Obviously if this was known, they'd be laughed out of the galaxy, so Davros developed a Pseudo Dalek.
  3. Battle Computer
  4. Battle Computer Peripherals. Includes the mechanism for working the robot Pseudo-Dalek, slime canisters, voice modulators and more.
  5. Automated Self-destruct unit. A Dalekenium bomb.
  6. Main power source. A Dalekenium reactor.
  7. Mark IV rotatory Manipulator. A sucker arm
  8. Variable power multi-range Energy Projector. An egg whisk with an attitude.
  9. 'Blinky' ears. Flash out of synch with the voice. (come in blue, red or white.)
  10. Eye stalk. The bit that sees.
  11. Eye Rings. Also available are fluffy dice.
  12. Electro-static Antigravity Motive Unit. Not a ball bearing.
  13. One of 56 domes which don't actually do anything but look interesting.
  14. Doesn't correspond to anything, but otherwise I'd be stuck with 13 entries.

NEXT ISSUE: find out what's really inside a Cyberman!

This item appeared in TSV 32 (February 1993).

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