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By Nicholas Withers

Within a month or so the first new television Doctor Who story in six-and-a-half years will finally be released. Ultimately my feelings are mixed. I am unashamedly a big fan of Sylvester McCoy's Doctor (from Season 24 through to the New Adventures), and he is probably the main reason why I continued to be a fan of the show. With his 'death' in order to make way for Doctor Number Eight I feel that I have lost a close friend. On the other hand I will finally be seeing at least one new Doctor Who story (and the prospect of an entire new series is currently looking good), with the budget the Doctor deserves in the nineties. My only hope is that the depth of characterisation and story can at least approach Season 26 in quality.

With the future of the show coming into sharp focus it is only natural that the future of TSV is also examined. TSV is rapidly approaching issue 50, which with the help of all your suggestions we are hoping to make something special. New technology has enabled TSV not only to improve its format but also to keep abreast of the very latest developments through the Internet (we are also looking at getting our own web page). Content-wise we hope to bring you more interviews, news, and reviews concerning the show, as well as reader contributions in the form of articles, artwork and fiction. Look out also for the range of original novels being published by TSV soon (starting with the not-so-original adaptation of Resurrection of the Daleks).

The future looks good for both the show and TSV. Fingers crossed.


This item appeared in TSV 47 (April 1996).