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The Off-Screen Film Clips

By Steve Phillips & Graham Howard

Introduction by Graham Howard

Further to last issue's report on my 'discovery' of a 15 minute collection of silent off-screen 8mm film clips, beginning with The Reign of Terror and ending with The Faceless Ones, presented below is a near complete listing of the various clips from missing episodes that are contained in this collection. Special thanks are due to UK fan Steve Phillips, to whom I sent a copy of the clips, for painstakingly going through this material for the purposes of identifying and timing each clip.

Steve notes that "most of the extracts on the reel are in the form of very short 'reaction' shots, and are therefore difficult to tie down to specific places in their source episodes. Hence the listing is presented on an 'educated guess' basis (by examining research materials such as audios, scripts and telesnaps) and should not be taken as gospel!" Steve also notes that "the 8mm film has been shot / transferred at varying speeds and timings should therefore be taken as approximate". (I have been informed that because the speed of 8mm cinefilm is 16 frames per second, while the transfer process was probably 24/25 frames per second, it is reasonable to assume that the footage is approximately 1.5 times the 'correct' speed.)

The Clips Listing by Steve Phillips

The Reign of Terror

The Tyrant of France (episode 4)
The Doctor in Robespierre's office. [0:02]
Ian talking in Jules' house just after his planned escape. [0:03]
Ian talking the following morning. [0:01]
Susan lying down in the physician's surgery. [0:01]
Susan looking worried as Barbara tries to open the surgery door. [0:02,0:01]
A Bargain of Necessity (episode 5)
The Doctor banging his stick against his hand as he talks to Barbara in her cell. [0:04]
Barbara remarking on the Doctor's 'Regional Officer of the Provinces' disguise. [0:03]
Ian talking in the surgery. [0:01]
Shots of the Doctor talking. [0:01,0:01]
Ian and Barbara in Jules' house. [0:01]

Galaxy Four

Four Hundred Dawns (episode 1)
The opening shot consisting of a pan across the TARDIS console to the Doctor operating the controls with Vicki cutting Steven's hair in the background. [0:10]

The Myth Makers

Temple of Secrets (episode 1)
Steven and Vicki watching outside events on the TARDIS scanner. [0:09]
Steven and Vicki discussing whether they have landed in Greece or not. [0:10]
Steven putting his cloak on as he talks to Vicki about rescuing the Doctor. [0:02]
Small Prophet, Quick Return (episode 2)
Vicki looking worried as she watches the scanner and sees the Trojans examining the TARDIS. [0:03,0:03]
The Doctor and Steven talking on the plain as Steven moans about being 'trussed up like a chicken ready to have my throat cut'. [0:04,0:04]
Horse of Destruction (episode 4)
Vicki in Trojan garb leaving the TARDIS for the last time. [0:04]
The Doctor reflecting on Vicki's departure. [0:11]
The Myth Makers (unidentified episode)
The Doctor talking. [0:01,0:01]

The Savages

Episode 3
Steven and Dodo talking as they edge along the corridor. [0:03]
Episode 4
Steven hearing a shot and diving for cover behind a rock. [0:05]
The Doctor talking to Dodo, surrounded by Nanina and Steven. [0:03]
Dodo joining in the destruction of the lab as the Doctor looks exasperated. [0:06]
Jano talking about needing a leader. [0:01,0:03]
Steven looking surprised at the choice of him for leader. [0:01]
Steven saying: 'Very well - I will stay' with Dodo clasping her hands to her mouth and running over to him to be comforted. [0:06]
Steven saying goodbye and shaking hands with the Doctor. [0:03,0:05]
Steven taking a last look back. [0:01]
The Doctor comforting Dodo and turning to leave. [0:06,0:01]
Unidentified clip of Dodo talking excitedly in the lab. [0:01]

The Tenth Planet

Episode 4
The Doctor talking to Polly in the darkened base. [0:04,0:02]
The Doctor addressing the (unseen) Cyberleader in the base. [0:05,0:04,0:03,0:01]
Polly being menaced by a Cyberman's hand. [0:02]
Polly and the Doctor imprisoned inside the Cybership. [0:03,0:01]
Ben talking in the Cybership. [0:01,0:01]
The freed Doctor talking to Ben and then staggering towards the camera. [0:02,0:03]
The starting of the regeneration sequence with the Doctor in silhouette at the console as the lights begin to pulsate. The Doctor's face is then seen in a rapid montage of different angles as he turns stiffly around. The TARDIS controls are then seen operating themselves as the central column beings to rise and fall. [0:19]

The Power of the Daleks

Episode 1
Ben and Polly discussing the 'new' Doctor lying on the floor of the TARDIS. [0:05,0:01,0:01]
The Doctor muttering to himself when he awakens. [0:03]
The Doctor feeling his new face. [0:01] (there are frames missing from this sequence).
The Doctor turning and stumbling over the console [0:03]
Ben and Polly discussing the Doctor's ring as he rummages in a trunk. [0:06]
Troughton's Doctor seeing Hartnell's in a mirror and pulling a face. [0:02]
The Doctor muttering as he bites his finger. [0:02]
The Doctor putting on his stove-pipe hat. [0:01]
The Doctor rapidly leaving the lab as Ben asks Polly: 'What's he up to now?' [0:07]
Ben and Polly following the Doctor into the capsule and finding the cobwebbed Daleks. [0:03]
Episode 2
The Doctor explaining that one Dalek could wipe out the entire colony and Ben and Polly looking in astonishment at the capsule. [0:04]
Polly asking the Doctor what he is going to do about the Daleks. [0:03]
The Doctor looking towards the ceiling. [0:01]
Lesterson wheeling out a Dalek. [0:04]
The Doctor musing with his 500 year diary. [0:01]
Resno getting exterminated. [0:02]
The Doctor looking on as the Dalek menaces the party in the rest room. [0:01]
The Doctor backing away as the Dalek looks at him through its eye stalk. [0:04]
The Doctor advising the destruction of the Daleks as the Dalek chants: 'I am your servant'. [0:04]

The Macra Terror

Episode 3
Opening titles. [0:17]
The Doctor joking about a bad rhyme in one of the colony's jingles. [0:05]
The Doctor exclaiming: "This place is remarkable," as he looks around. [0:05]
The Doctor saying to the hypnotised Ben: "It's hard for you to struggle against the voices isn't it Ben? But I warn you..." [0:06]
Polly in the mine saying: "Hey wait, don't leave me down here," as Medok takes the chance to escape. [0:04]
Jamie in the mine saying: "Who's there?" as he detects a presence in the dark. [0:05]
Jamie looking around in the shaft. [0:01]
Polly and the Doctor talking about the pouring of gas into the shaft where Jamie is. [0:04]
The Doctor realising that there is "something" in the mine which needs the gas to stay alive. [0:05]

The Faceless Ones

Episode 2
The impostor Polly brushing the Doctor aside. [0:03]

This item appeared in TSV 47 (April 1996).