TSV 54

March 1998

TSV 54
Published March 1998

Paul Scoones
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Jon Preddle, Peter Adamson, Alistair Hughes, Paul Scoones
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Alistair Hughes
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Rochelle Thickpenny
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Paul Scoones


As this was part two of a two-part issue, TSV 54 lacked all of the regular news, letters & review columns usually found in a TSV issue. Author David J. Howe was interviewed, and Andrew Pixley provided a second article, By Any Other Name which was a long and very indepth study of the various names attached to the Hartnell stories since their inception. The passing of writer Ian Stuart Black prompted an obituary, and another addition to The Discontinuity Guide appeared, this time covering Slipback.

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Print contents

3.To Be or Not to Be a Fan Gillian Hart
5.The War Machines [Video Review] Bevan Lewis
11.Ian Stuart Black [Obituary] Paul Scoones
13.David J Howe [Interview] Paul Scoones
31.Confessions of a Melaphile Alden Bates
35.Whispers [Comic Strip] Stephen Boswell, Robert Boswell
49.By Any Other Name Andrew Pixley
75.Slipback, an addition to the Discontinuity Guide Peter Adamson, Alden Bates, Jon Preddle
80.The Karkus is Lost in Boradland [Cartoon] Erato
82.Why Paul McGann is the Best Doctor David Lawrence
84.The Lesson [Fiction] Peter Adamson
86.The Lost Stories: Marco Polo Chris Andersen

Artwork by: Alistair Hughes, Garry Jackson, Rochelle Thickpenny, Chris Girdler, Peter Adamson, William Muirhead (View thumbnails)