TSV 66

September 2002

TSV 66
Published September 2002

Paul Scoones
Assistant Editors
Jon Preddle, Peter Adamson, Jamas Enright
Short story Editor
Tim Beverstock
Staff Contributors
Peter Adamson, Alistair Hughes
Design & Publication
Paul Scoones
Subscriptions & Orders
Rochelle Scoones
Office Products Depot
Front cover art
Alistair Hughes
Back cover art
Peter Adamson

3.From the Editor Paul Scoones
4.News Update [News]
6.Continuing Adventures: On Audio [News]
8.Continuing Adventures: In Print [News]
9.www.doctorwho.org.nz Alden Bates
9.TSV Quiz Answers
10.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
David Ronayne, Zoltán Déry, Rex Duis, Alistair Hughes
12.Who on the Net David French
13.The Ambassadors of Death [Video Review] Alistair Hughes
17.Coronas of the Sun Adam McGechan
22.Missing Yeti Clips: An Update Graham Howard
23.Canonology Jamas Enright, Jon Preddle
24.Underworld [Video Review] Laura Skilton
25.Planet of Giants [Video Review] David French
26.Errant Nonsense Neil Lambess
27.FaNZealand Peter Adamson
34.Nord in Chasing Gabriel [Cartoon] Erato
36.The Belated Barometer [Fiction] David Ronayne
37.John Nathan Turner [Biography] Paul Scoones
38.Who's Kitchen Alistair Hughes
39.It's the End - but the moment has been prepared for Jon Preddle
41.Changes Alistair Hughes
42.Is There Something I Should Know? Paul Scoones
43.Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) Alden Bates
44.Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Robert Boswell
45.Someone Who Cares Neil Lambess
46.Something to Remember Jamas Enright
47.Draw(in)g to a (W)hole Peter Adamson
48.As Time Goes By David Lawrence
49.If I Could Turn Back Time Jon Preddle
50.Ky in Battlebot Potemkin [Cartoon] Erato
52.Capital Times Tim Beverstock
57.TSV's 15th Birthday Challenge! Jon Preddle
58.My 15 Year Trip in the TARDIS Andrew Poulsen
59.Ramblings from the Padded Cell Jon Preddle
60.There's Always Something There To Remind Me Chris Skerrow
69.Katarina: A Companion Conundrum Jon Preddle
74.Missing Moments: The Mythmakers Andrew Pixley
75.Who's the Leader of the Gang? Jon Preddle
76.The Ark in Space [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
78.Carnival of Monsters [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
80.Remembrance of the Daleks [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
82.Altos Loves Yartek: "Meet the Morphos" [Cartoon] Erato
84.The Adventures of Professor Bernice Summerfield Jamas Enright
86.Excelis Rising [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
86.Excelis Decays [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
87.Death Comes to Time [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
87.The Plague Herds of Excelis [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
88.Kaldor City 1 - Occam's Razor [Audio Review] Rex Duis
88.The Maltese Penguin [Audio Review] Alden Bates
89.Seasons of Fear [Audio Review] Zoltán Déry
89.Embrace the Darkness [Audio Review] David Ronayne
90.Krynoids - The Root of All Evil [Audio Review] Rex Duis
91.The Time of the Daleks [Audio Review] Alistair Hughes
91.Neverland [Audio Review] David Ronayne
92.Spare Parts [Audio Review] Peter Adamson
93.Trading Futures [Book Review] Jamas Enright
93.The Book of the Still [Book Review] Jamas Enright
93.The Crooked World [Book Review] Jamas Enright
94.History 101 [Book Review] Jamas Enright
95.Camera Obscura [Book Review] Jamas Enright
95.Amorality Tale [Book Review] Jamas Enright
95.Warmonger [Book Review] Jamas Enright
96.Ten Little Aliens [Book Review] Jamas Enright
96.Combat Rock [Book Review] Jamas Enright
97.The Suns of Caresh [Book Review] Jamas Enright
97.Citadel of Dreams [Book Review] Jamas Enright
98.Doctor Who and the City of Death [Book Review] Trey Korte
98.DWM Review [Magazine Review] Jon Preddle

Artwork by: Alistair Hughes, Fizzbin, Peter Adamson, Warwick Gray, Alexander Wilson