TSV 68

October 2003

TSV 68
Published October 2003

Paul Scoones, Adam McGechan
Assistant Editors
Jon Preddle, Peter Adamson, Jamas Enright
Design & Publication
Paul Scoones
Subscriptions & Orders
Paul & Rochelle Scoones
Office Products Depot
Front cover art
Alistair Hughes
Back cover art
Chris Orton

3.From the Editor Paul Scoones
4.News Update [News]
9.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
James Gould, Zoltán Déry, David French, Chris Orton, Alden Bates, Peter Adamson
11.Janet Fielding Speaks [Interview] Paul Scoones
20.Does Tegan Really Smell? Jon Preddle
21.DoctorCon 2003 [Event Report] David French
22.Nord: the Off-Road Warrior [Cartoon] Erato
24.Ramblings from a Couch Potato Robert Shearman
34.Beyond the Sofa - 'Prawn Doc Tale' Peter Adamson, Justin Cargill
39.... of the Daleks Jamas Enright, Jon Preddle
41.Dalek Bits Jamas Enright
42.Missing Moments: Day of the Daleks Andrew Pixley
44.Gallifrey One: Episode XIV [Event Report] Jon Preddle, Alden Bates
47.Your Time is Up: The Blue Angel - Twenty Questions Jamas Enright
50.The Mutants [Video Review] Alistair Hughes
52.Ky-Mutt: Offworldersehen, Pet [Cartoon] Erato
56.Warlord [Fiction] Jamas Enright
61.The Seeds of Death [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
64.Talons of Weng Chiang [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
67.The Dalek Invasion of Earth [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
71.Earthshock [DVD Review] Adam McGechan
75.On Target in New Zealand Jon Preddle
86.Jubilee [Audio Review] Alistair Hughes
86.Nekromanteia [Audio Review] Alden Bates
87.The Dark Flame [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
87.Shada [Web-cast Review] David Ronayne
88.Doctor Who and the Pirates [Audio Review] Jon Preddle
88.Creatures of Beauty [Audio Review] Jamas Enright
89.Project: Lazarus [Audio Review] Alistair Hughes
90.Flip-Flop [Audio Review] Alden Bates
90.Auld Mortality [Audio Review] Alistair Hughes
91.Sympathy for the Devil [Audio Review] Peter Adamson
91.Full Fathom Five [Audio Review] Peter Adamson
92.Altos Loves Yartek [Cartoon] Erato
94.Fear of the Dark [Book Review] Jamas Enright
94.The Domino Effect [Book Review] Jamas Enright
95.Blue Box [Book Review] Jamas Enright
95.Reckless Engineering [Book Review] Jamas Enright
96.Loving the Alien [Book Review] Jamas Enright
96.Short Trips: Companions [Book Review] Jamas Enright
97.Short Trips: A Universe of Terror [Book Review] Jamas Enright
98.Doctor Who Magazine [Magazine Review] Jon Preddle

Artwork by: Alistair Hughes, Chris Orton, Peter Adamson, Barry Delve