TSV 73

May 2006

TSV 73
Published May 2006

Adam McGechan
Associate Editor
Paul Scoones
Design & Publication
Adam McGechan
Subscriptions & Orders
Paul & Rochelle Scoones
Front cover art
Michael Dinsdale

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Material from this issue can be found in the TSV Sampler.

3.From the Editor Adam McGechan
4.News Review [News]
8.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Brett Simpson, Edwin Patterson, Tim Hill, Paul Scoones, Zoltán Déry, Stuart Brown, Jamas Enright, Kris Herzog
14.Gallifrey One [Event Report] Jon Preddle
16.The 2005 Doctor Who Exhibition at Brighton Pier [Event Report] Adam McGechan
21.The Fans Speak! The New Series Survey Stuart Brown
26.Revelation of the Diaries Jon Preddle
44.Father's Day Explained Jamas Enright
46.The BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures: The Reign of Sam David Lawrence
67.Errant Nonsense [Regular] Neil Lambess
70.Titles of Blood: Classic Series Title Generator Zoltán Déry
72.Thoroughly Unprofessional: Excusing Eye on Blatchford Matt West
82.Missing Moments: The Invasion [Regular] Andrew Pixley
85.The Beginning [DVD Review] Andrew Foxley
88.City of Death [DVD Review] Matt Singleton
90.Genesis of the Daleks [DVD Review] Rob Mammone
92.Other Lives [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
92.Cryptobiosis [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
93.Pier Pressure [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
93.Night Thoughts [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
94.Time Works [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
94.The Veiled Leopard [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
95.Cyberman [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
96.Iris Wildthyme [Audio Review] Steve Hatcher
97.About Time I [Book Review] Paul Scoones
97.Ahistory [Book Review] Paul Scoones
98.Reverse the Polarity [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
98.Dr Who in "The Crap Pun" [Cartoon] Jeff Stone and Alden Bates
99.Doctor Who Magazine [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
100.Dr. Who's Mind Mesmeriser

Artwork by: Michael Dinsdale