Tardis Tales Collection

May 1993

The Tardis Tales Collection
Published May 1993

Graham Muir
Paul Scoones
Front Cover
Graham Muir
Back Cover
Graham Muir
Printed by
NZ Typewriters


By May 1993, when this issue was published, Graham Muir's Tardis Tales cartoon strip had been a regular feature of TSV for five years and was one of the most popular and talked-about features of the fanzine. The collection featured reprints of every Tardis Tales strip as well as some previously unpublished strips and artwork, and Graham Muir's commentary on the inspiration behind each strip.

3.To be continued?? [Cartoon]
5.The Early Tales
6.Death to the Daftleks Part One [Cartoon]
7.Saucer and the Monster of Peladon [Cartoon]
8.Saucer and the Attack of the Onions [Cartoon]
10.A Cyberman strangling the Doctor [Cartoon]
10.The Doctor watching television [Cartoon]
10.The Doctor strangled by his scarf [Cartoon]
10.A Cyberman shot by an arrow [Cartoon]
11.The Raston Warrior Robot takes out the Beverly Hillbillies! [Cartoon]
11.Seven Doctors [Cartoon]
11.A typical fan's reaction to Ghost Light [Cartoon]
12.The very last Dr Who story! [Cartoon]
12.The Fifth Doctor's problems [Cartoon]
13.The Jolly Nasty Terminator Robot [Cartoon]
14.The Sixth Doctor gets zapped [Cartoon]
14.With Kane from Dragonfire! [Cartoon]
15.An alternative ending to The War Games! [Cartoon]
15.An alternative ending to Planet of the Spiders!! [Cartoon]
16.The Tales behind TARDIS Tales
18.The Underground City (original version) [Cartoon]
20.The Doctors' Challenge! Part One [Cartoon]
21.The Doctors' Challenge! Part Two [Cartoon]
22.The Homemade Time Machine [Cartoon]
24.The Batbloke! [Cartoon]
26.Back to Reality Part One [Cartoon]
28.Back to Reality Part Two [Cartoon]
30.Back to Reality Part Three [Cartoon]
32.The Doctor Meets the Young Mutated Marine Reptiles! [Cartoon]
34.The Lady Doctor! Part One [Cartoon]
36.The Lady Doctor! Part Two [Cartoon]
38.The Bird Hunters! [Cartoon]
41.The Doctor Meets Bart! [Cartoon]
43.The Ice Warriors on Ice! [Cartoon]
45.The Missing Episodes! [Cartoon]
47.At the Beeb! [Cartoon]
49.The Nightclub! [Cartoon]
51.Attack of the 50ft Dalek!! [Cartoon]
53.Dr Dalek! [Cartoon]
55.The UNIT Reunion [Cartoon]
57.The Underground City! [Cartoon]
60.Sauceron! [Cartoon]
70.The Final Chapter! [Cartoon]