Writer's Commentary


'Bad Science' had been a working title for the novel, before the JFK elements were added. It was borrowed from a graphic novel collection of old Judge Dredd comics stories.

One: October 1969

This chapter relates to events seen in Spearhead from Space, the first adventure of the Third Doctor. Indeed, the phone call from the porter Mullins is actual dialogue lifted from the first episode. That provided the name of the newspaper for which Stevens was working, The Daily Chronicle.

The chief reporter is based on a man I worked with in New Zealand - I didn't like him much. The photographer in this chapter, Ross 'Tubbs' Tubberty, is an amalgam of two photographers from the New Zealand Herald, Ross White and Michael Tubberty. The paragraph about the crazed driving habits of newspaper snappers is all too accurate in my experience.

Stevens visits Ashbridge Cottage Hospital, has his first encounter with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and meets the poacher Sam Seeley. But all mention of UNIT is excised from his story at the orders of the newspaper's editor. Stevens begins investigating this hush-hush organisation. His contact in the Chronicle's clippings library, Catherine, is based on a woman who did the same job at the New Zealand Herald.

A crucial part of WKK was interpreting how the events seen on-screen in Doctor Who would be perceived by the rest of the world. So the Nestene invasion seen on TV in Spearhead from Space became Black Thursday, a series of terrorist incidents with the authorities hinting the IRA might be responsible.

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