Writer's Commentary

Nine: July-November 1970

Like BBC3, this chapter borrows The Passing Parade from The Daemons. TV reporter Alex MacIntosh was a real life BBC television reporter who made an on-screen appearance in Day of the Daleks. He got lifted and transplanted into Who Killed Kennedy as well. The Passing Parade's producer, Vincent Mortimer, is based on an old school friend of mine. I've recycled his name in several other fictional projects, as finding appropriate names for characters is always a tiresome job. In a recent Judge Dredd novel I borrowed names from actors in the film Escape to Victory. For my Fifth Doctor and Nyssa novel Empire of Death (published March 2004, order your copy now), I got character names from a war memorial at New Lanark where much of the book is set.

Much of the chapter is devoted to the events seen in The Mind of Evil. Stevens blags his way into the demonstration of the Keller Machine at Stangmoor Prison and gets his first sighting of the Third Doctor. Much of the dialogue in the middle of this chapter is cheekily lifted from the TV story. If you own a copy of The Mind of Evil, see if you can spot which of the observers is Stevens.

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