Who Killed Kennedy

Photographic Evidence

Although a number of photos were available at the time, due to cost considerations it was not feasible to include them in the original paper form of this book. With James Steven's permission we have been able to reproduce a number of photos from his collection here, and they will be put online to coincide with the appropriate chapters of the book.

[Photo 1]
#1: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
[Photo 2]
#2: Professor Ralph Cornish
[Photo 3]
#3: Aliens in the Sewer?
[Photo 4]
#4: Tobias Vaughn
[Photo 5]
#5: Greg Sutton
[Photo 6]
#6: Beacon Hill
[Photo 7]
#7: Keller Machine
[Photo 8]
#8: Dodo Chaplet
[Photo 9]
#9: Professor Shaw
[Photo 10]
#10: Alastair Fergus
[Photo 11]
#11: Victor Magister