Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks


By Jon Preddle

When Paul Scoones suggested that we republish Revelation of the Daleks eight years after its first edition, I knew I would have to read the book to see what - if any - changes needed to be made. I've never actually read the novel before, and I had to keep looking at the name on the cover to remind me who the author was!

For those expecting a masterpiece along the lines of Ben Aaronovitch's wondrous adaptation of Remembrance of the Daleks - you're going to be disappointed. There are only two ways to write a Doctor Who novelisation - the proper way and the Terrance Dicks way. There are no prizes for guessing whose style I have tried to imitate!

I've made some minor changes to the original text, just a few tweaks and adjustments here and there, plus a little cleaning up to clarify some points of continuity. The main addition however is the inclusion of chapter titles. Apart from these alterations, what you hold here is essentially the same book as the 1992 version.

See you in another eight years for the third edition, perhaps?

Jon Preddle
February 2000


  1. disclosing of knowledge to Man by divine or supernatural agency
  2. striking disclosure revealing some fact

- Concise Oxford Dictionary (Seventh Edition)

Davros:‘My mistake was making them totally ruthless. It restricted their ability to cope with creatures who relied not only on logic but instinct and intuition. That is a factor I wish to correct.’
The Doctor:‘And compassion? Are they to be programmed for that?’
Davros:‘If they will learn to recognise the strength that can be drawn from such an emotion.’

Resurrection of the Daleks