Time/Space Visualiser Special #1

December 1990

Time/Space Visualiser Special #1
Published December 1990

Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!" (Andrew Poulsen, Nick White)
Wrap-around cover art
Warwick Gray


Effectively, this issue was ‘TSV 20 Part 2’, containing a collection of articles and fiction which could not be squeezed into TSV 20's page count. Outgoing editor Andrew Poulsen had committed himself to ending his tenure with issue 20, and wanted to clear out the last of his accumulated unpublished material before passing on the editorship to a new team. Warwick Gray designed the wrap-around cover and a highlight of the issue was Alistair Hughes' report on Galaxy Con, the first Scottish Doctor Who convention, which he'd attended in May 1990. This issue and TSV 20 were distributed to readers together, and although the cover date was January 1991, the issue was in fact published in December 1990.




Event Report


Print contents

2.So Long and thanks for all the jelly babies [Cartoon] Murray Cramp
3.The Fifth Doctor Era Survey Results Paul Scoones
6.Inside Martyn's mind [Cartoon] Tanya Cathel-Black
8.Galaxy Con [Event Report] Alistair Hughes
11.Power Corrupts? The Social Structure of Gallifrey Craig Young
14.The Missing Companion Between Peri and Mel [Fiction] Larabelle Diablo
16.Warpath of the Daleks [Fiction] Jeff Stone
17.One morning on Mount Cyanide [Cartoon] The Gorgon Sisters
18.Doctor Who: Alzarius Repugnant [Fiction] Craig Young
21.Warpath of the Daleks [Fiction] Jeff Stone


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