TSV 20

December 1990

TSV 20
Published December 1990

Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!" (Andrew Poulsen, Peter Smith)
Front cover art
Wendy Toynton
Back cover art
Alistair Hughes


The last TSV edited in Christchurch, this much-delayed issue was at first edited by Richard Scheib and then when he stepped down, Andrew Poulsen completed the job. The delay was due to the September convention, WhoCon, featuring Jon Pertwee and Mark Strickson as its guests. The issue featured many letters, a huge amount of news mainly supplied by David Bishop, reviews, and generally very positive feedback on WhoCon. Andrew's intention was to clear the backlog of contributions before passing on the reigns to a new editor, and to achieve this, some of the material appeared in a separate volume, entitled TSV Special #1, supplied with TSV 20.




Reviews: Books

Reviews: Television

Event Reports


Print contents

4.Editorial Andrew R Poulsen
5.The New 'New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club' [News]
6.Data Correspondence [Letters]
Simon Quirke, Keith J Nelson, David Lawrence, Murray Jackson, Jon Preddle, Anableps, The Fatness Corp, "A Responsible Who Fan", Nigel Windsor, Monti, Larabelle Diablo, Neil Lambess, Alistair Hughes, Mike Mather, Bianca McKinnon-Gee, Jonathan Turner, Ehren Stowers, Warwick Gray, Chris Mahoney, Michael Dwyer, Paul Scoones
8.Sixth Doctor & Peri cartoon [Cartoon] Hamish Brown
19.Knuckles the Exterminator [Cartoon] Cornelius Stone, Roger Langridge
20.The Leisure Hive [News]
21.Galactic Junkmail
23.Where Are They Now? [Clippings] John Kercher
25.Bulletin from Britain [News] David Bishop
33.Land of Fiction [News] David Bishop
28.Knuckles the Exterminator [Cartoon] Cornelius Stone, Roger Langridge
39.The Missing Episodes Paul Scoones
41.Hindscan - Season 25 [Television Review] Nigel Flockhart
42.Hindscan - Season 25 [Television Review] Terry Shore
44.Tardis Tales: Back to Reality [Cartoon] Graham Muir
46.Hindscan - Season 26 [Television Review] David Lawrence
47.WhoCon 1990 [Event Report] Jeff Stone
49.Post-WhoCon 1990 News
50.WHO are we trying to CON [Event Report] David Lawrence
53.Tardis Tales: The Doctor Meets the Young Mutated Marine Reptiles! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
55.Genesis of the Wellington Chapter David Lawrence
56.We Want Who! [Cartoon] Tanya Cathel-Black
57.Who's Who in Blake's 7 - the Additions Jon Preddle (assisted by Paul Scoones)
61.Hughes on Artwork [Regular] Alistair Hughes
62.Doctor Who's Who Paul Scoones
65.Remembrance of the Daleks [Book Review] Paul Scoones

Artwork by: Wendy Toynton, Alistair Hughes (View thumbnails)