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Doctor Who New Zealand Transmission Dates

By Paul Scoones

Note: The primary source of all dates and screening times in this listing is the programme listings in issues of the New Zealand Listener, and has been cross-referenced against other available sources and corrected where necessary.

April 1985 - February 1986

6:30-7:00 PM12.04.1985FriTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 1
7:00-7:30 PM12.04.1985FriTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 2
6:30-7:00 PM19.04.1985FriTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 3
7:00-7:30 PM19.04.1985FriTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 4
6:30-7:00 PM26.04.1985FriTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 5
7:00-7:30 PM26.04.1985FriTV2THE KROTONS Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM03.05.1985FriTV2THE KROTONS Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM03.05.1985FriTV2THE KROTONS Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM10.05.1985FriTV2THE KROTONS Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM10.05.1985FriTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 1
6:30-7:00 PM17.05.1985FriTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 2
7:00-7:30 PM17.05.1985FriTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 3
6:30-7:00 PM24.05.1985FriTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 4
7:00-7:30 PM24.05.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 1
6:30-7:00 PM31.05.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 2
7:00-7:30 PM31.05.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 3
6:30-7:00 PM07.06.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 4
7:00-7:30 PM07.06.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 5
6:30-7:00 PM14.06.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 6
7:00-7:30 PM14.06.1985FriTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 7
6:30-7:00 PM21.06.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 1
7:00-7:30 PM21.06.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 2
6:30-7:00 PM28.06.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 3
7:00-7:30 PM28.06.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 4
6:30-7:00 PM05.07.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 5
7:00-7:30 PM05.07.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 6
6:30-7:00 PM12.07.1985FriTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 7
7:00-7:30 PM12.07.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 1
6:30-7:00 PM19.07.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 2
7:00-7:30 PM19.07.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 3
6:30-7:00 PM26.07.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 4
7:00-7:30 PM26.07.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 5
6:30-7:00 PM02.08.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 6
7:00-7:30 PM02.08.1985FriTV2INFERNO Episode 7
6:30-7:00 PM09.08.1985FriTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode One
7:00-7:30 PM09.08.1985FriTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Two
6:30-7:00 PM16.08.1985FriTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Three
7:00-7:30 PM16.08.1985FriTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Four
6:30-7:00 PM23.08.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode One
7:00-7:30 PM23.08.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Two
6:30-7:00 PM30.08.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Three
7:00-7:30 PM30.08.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Four
6:30-7:00 PM06.09.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Five
7:00-7:30 PM06.09.1985FriTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Six
6:30-7:00 PM13.09.1985FriTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode One
7:00-7:30 PM13.09.1985FriTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Two
6:30-7:00 PM20.09.1985FriTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Three
7:00-7:30 PM20.09.1985FriTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Four
6:30-7:00 PM27.09.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode One
7:00-7:30 PM27.09.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Two
6:30-7:00 PM04.10.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Three
7:00-7:30 PM04.10.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Four
6:30-7:00 PM11.10.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Five
7:00-7:30 PM11.10.1985FriTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Six
6:30-7:00 PM18.10.1985FriTV2THE DÆMONS Episode One
7:00-7:30 PM18.10.1985FriTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Two
6:30-7:00 PM25.10.1985FriTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Three
7:00-7:30 PM25.10.1985FriTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Four
6:30-7:00 PM01.11.1985FriTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Five
7:00-7:30 PM01.11.1985FriTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM08.11.1985FriTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM08.11.1985FriTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM15.11.1985FriTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM15.11.1985FriTV2THE CURSE OF PELADON Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM22.11.1985FriTV2THE CURSE OF PELADON Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM22.11.1985FriTV2THE CURSE OF PELADON Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM29.11.1985FriTV2THE CURSE OF PELADON Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM29.11.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM06.12.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM06.12.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM13.12.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM13.12.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode Five
6:30-7:00 PM20.12.1985FriTV2THE SEA DEVILS Episode Six
7:00-7:30 PM20.12.1985FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM27.12.1985FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM27.12.1985FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM03.01.1986FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM03.01.1986FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode Five
6:30-7:00 PM10.01.1986FriTV2THE MUTANTS Episode Six
7:00-7:30 PM10.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM17.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM17.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode Three
6:30-7:00 PM24.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode Four
7:00-7:30 PM24.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode Five
6:30-7:00 PM31.01.1986FriTV2THE TIME MONSTER Episode Six
7:00-7:30 PM31.01.1986FriTV2THE THREE DOCTORS Episode One
6:30-7:00 PM07.02.1986FriTV2THE THREE DOCTORS Episode Two
7:00-7:30 PM07.02.1986FriTV2THE THREE DOCTORS Episode Three
7:30-8:00 PM07.02.1986FriTV2THE THREE DOCTORS Episode Four

March 1986 - December 1988

5:30-6:00 PM11.03.1986TueTV1CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS Episode One
5:30-6:00 PM18.03.1986TueTV1CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS Episode Two
5:30-6:00 PM25.03.1986TueTV1CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS Episode Three
5:30-6:00 PM01.04.1986TueTV1CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS Episode Four
5:30-6:00 PM08.04.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode One
5:30-6:00 PM15.04.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode Two
5:30-6:00 PM22.04.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode Three
5:30-6:00 PM29.04.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode Four
5:30-6:00 PM06.05.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode Five
5:30-6:00 PM13.05.1986TueTV1FRONTIER IN SPACE Episode Six
5:25-6:00 PM20.05.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode One
5:30-6:00 PM27.05.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode Two
5:30-6:00 PM03.06.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode Three
5:30-6:00 PM10.06.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.06.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode Five
5:30-6:00 PM24.06.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE DALEKS Episode Six
5:30-6:00 PM01.07.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode One
5:30-6:00 PM08.07.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode Two
5:30-6:00 PM15.07.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode Three
5:25-6:00 PM22.07.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode Four
5:25-6:00 PM29.07.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode Five
5:30-6:00 PM05.08.1986TueTV1THE GREEN DEATH Episode Six
5:25-6:00 PM12.08.1986TueTV1THE TIME WARRIOR Part One
5:30-6:00 PM19.08.1986TueTV1THE TIME WARRIOR Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM26.08.1986TueTV1THE TIME WARRIOR Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM02.09.1986TueTV1THE TIME WARRIOR Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM09.09.1986TueTV1INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM16.09.1986TueTV1INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM23.09.1986TueTV1INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM30.09.1986TueTV1INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS Part Five
5:25-6:00 PM07.10.1986TueTV1INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS Part Six
5:30-6:00 PM14.10.1986TueTV1DEATH TO THE DALEKS Part One
5:25-6:00 PM21.10.1986TueTV1DEATH TO THE DALEKS Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM28.10.1986TueTV1DEATH TO THE DALEKS Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM04.11.1986TueTV1DEATH TO THE DALEKS Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM11.11.1986TueTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part One
5:30-6:00 PM18.11.1986TueTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM19.11.1986WedTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM25.11.1986TueTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM26.11.1986WedTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part Five
5:25-6:00 PM02.12.1986TueTV1THE MONSTER OF PELADON Part Six
5:25-6:00 PM03.12.1986WedTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part One
5:25-6:00 PM09.12.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM10.12.1986WedTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM16.12.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.12.1986WedTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part Five
5:30-6:00 PM23.12.1986TueTV1PLANET OF THE SPIDERS Part Six
5:35-6:00 PM30.12.1986TueTV1ROBOT Part One
5:10-5:35 PM31.12.1986WedTV1ROBOT Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM06.01.1987TueTV1ROBOT Part Three
5:35-6:00 PM07.01.1987WedTV1ROBOT Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM13.01.1987TueTV1THE ARK IN SPACE Part One
5:30-6:00 PM14.01.1987WedTV1THE ARK IN SPACE Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM20.01.1987TueTV1THE ARK IN SPACE Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM21.01.1987WedTV1THE ARK IN SPACE Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM27.01.1987TueTV1THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT Part One
5:25-6:00 PM28.01.1987WedTV1THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM03.02.1987TueTV1REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN Part One
5:25-6:00 PM04.02.1987WedTV1REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM10.02.1987TueTV2REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM11.02.1987WedTV2REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.02.1987TueTV2TERROR OF THE ZYGONS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM18.02.1987WedTV2TERROR OF THE ZYGONS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM24.02.1987TueTV2TERROR OF THE ZYGONS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM25.02.1987WedTV2TERROR OF THE ZYGONS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM03.03.1987TueTV2PLANET OF EVIL Part One
5:30-6:00 PM04.03.1987WedTV2PLANET OF EVIL Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM10.03.1987TueTV2PLANET OF EVIL Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM11.03.1987 WedTV2PLANET OF EVIL Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.03.1987TueTV2PYRAMIDS OF MARS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM18.03.1987WedTV2PYRAMIDS OF MARS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM24.03.1987TueTV2PYRAMIDS OF MARS Part Three
5:35-6:00 PM25.03.1987WedTV2PYRAMIDS OF MARS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM31.03.1987TueTV2THE ANDROID INVASION Part One
5:25-6:00 PM01.04.1987WedTV2THE ANDROID INVASION Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM07.04.1987TueTV2THE ANDROID INVASION Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM08.04.1987WedTV2THE ANDROID INVASION Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM14.04.1987 TueTV2THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS Part One
5:25-6:00 PM15.04.1987 WedTV2THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM21.04.1987 TueTV2THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM22.04.1987WedTV2THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM28.04.1987TueTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part One
5:30-6:00 PM29.04.1987WedTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM05.05.1987TueTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM06.05.1987WedTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM12.05.1987TueTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part Five
5:30-6:00 PM13.05.1987WedTV2THE SEEDS OF DOOM Part Six
5:30-6:00 PM19.05.1987TueTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM20.05.1987WedTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM26.05.1987TueTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM27.05.1987WedTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM02.06.1987TueTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part Five
5:15-5:45 PM03.06.1987WedTV2GENESIS OF THE DALEKS Part Six
5:30-6:00 PM09.06.1987TueTV2THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA Part One
5:30-6:00 PM10.06.1987WedTV2THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM16.06.1987TueTV2THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM17.06.1987WedTV2THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM23.06.1987TueTV2THE HAND OF FEAR Part One
5:30-6:00 PM24.06.1987WedTV2THE HAND OF FEAR Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM30.06.1987TueTV2THE HAND OF FEAR Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM01.07.1987WedTV2THE HAND OF FEAR Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM07.07.1987TueTV2THE DEADLY ASSASSIN Part One
5:30-6:00 PM08.07.1987WedTV2THE DEADLY ASSASSIN Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM14.07.1987TueTV2THE DEADLY ASSASSIN Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM15.07.1987WedTV2THE DEADLY ASSASSIN Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM21.07.1987TueTV2THE FACE OF EVIL Part One
5:30-6:00 PM22.07.1987WedTV2THE FACE OF EVIL Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM28.07.1987TueTV2THE FACE OF EVIL Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM29.07.1987WedTV2THE FACE OF EVIL Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM04.08.1987TueTV2THE ROBOTS OF DEATH Part One
5:30-6:00 PM05.08.1987WedTV2THE ROBOTS OF DEATH Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM11.08.1987TueTV2THE ROBOTS OF DEATH Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM12.08.1987WedTV2THE ROBOTS OF DEATH Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM18.08.1987TueTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part One
5:30-6:00 PM19.08.1987WedTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM25.08.1987TueTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM26.08.1987WedTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM01.09.1987TueTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part Five
5:30-6:00 PM02.09.1987WedTV2THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG Part Six
5:30-6:00 PM08.09.1987TueTV2HORROR OF FANG ROCK Part One
5:30-6:00 PM09.09.1987WedTV2HORROR OF FANG ROCK Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM15.09.1987TueTV2HORROR OF FANG ROCK Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM16.09.1987WedTV2HORROR OF FANG ROCK Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM22.09.1987TueTV2THE INVISIBLE ENEMY Part One
5:25-6:00 PM23.09.1987WedTV2THE INVISIBLE ENEMY Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM29.09.1987TueTV2THE INVISIBLE ENEMY Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM30.09.1987WedTV2THE INVISIBLE ENEMY Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM06.10.1987TueTV2IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL Part One
5:30-6:00 PM07.10.1987WedTV2IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM13.10.1987TueTV2IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM14.10.1987WedTV2IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM20.10.1987TueTV2THE SUN MAKERS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM21.10.1987WedTV2THE SUN MAKERS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM27.10.1987TueTV2THE SUN MAKERS Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM28.10.1987WedTV2THE SUN MAKERS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM03.11.1987TueTV2UNDERWORLD Part One
5:30-6:00 PM04.11.1987WedTV2UNDERWORLD Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM10.11.1987TueTV2UNDERWORLD Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM11.11.1987WedTV2UNDERWORLD Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.11.1987TueTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part One
5:30-6:00 PM18.11.1987WedTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM24.11.1987TueTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM25.11.1987WedTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM01.12.1987TueTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part Five
5:25-6:00 PM02.12.1987WedTV2THE INVASION OF TIME Part Six
5:00-5:30 PM08.12.1987TueTV2THE RIBOS OPERATION Part One
5:30-6:00 PM08.12.1987TueTV2THE RIBOS OPERATION Part Two
5:00-5:30 PM09.12.1987WedTV2THE RIBOS OPERATION Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM09.12.1987WedTV2THE RIBOS OPERATION Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM15.12.1987TueTV2THE PIRATE PLANET Part One
5:30-6:00 PM16.12.1987WedTV2THE PIRATE PLANET Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM22.12.1987TueTV2THE PIRATE PLANET Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM23.12.1987WedTV2THE PIRATE PLANET Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM29.12.1987TueTV2THE STONES OF BLOOD Part One
5:30-6:00 PM30.12.1987WedTV2THE STONES OF BLOOD Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM05.01.1988TueTV2THE STONES OF BLOOD Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM06.01.1988WedTV2THE STONES OF BLOOD Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM12.01.1988TueTV2THE ANDROIDS OF TARA Part One
5:30-6:00 PM13.01.1988WedTV2THE ANDROIDS OF TARA Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM19.01.1988TueTV2THE ANDROIDS OF TARA Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM20.01.1988WedTV2THE ANDROIDS OF TARA Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM26.01.1988TueTV2THE POWER OF KROLL Part One
5:30-6:00 PM27.01.1988WedTV2THE POWER OF KROLL Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM02.02.1988TueTV2THE POWER OF KROLL Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM03.02.1988WedTV2THE POWER OF KROLL Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM09.02.1988TueTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part One
5:30-6:00 PM10.02.1988WedTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM16.02.1988TueTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM17.02.1988WedTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM23.02.1988TueTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part Five
5:25-6:00 PM24.02.1988WedTV2THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR Part Six
5:30-6:00 PM08.03.1988TueTV2DESTINY OF THE DALEKS Episode One
5:30-6:00 PM09.03.1988WedTV2DESTINY OF THE DALEKS Episode Two
5:30-6:00 PM15.03.1988TueTV2DESTINY OF THE DALEKS Episode Three
5:30-6:00 PM16.03.1988WedTV2DESTINY OF THE DALEKS Episode Four
5:30-6:00 PM22.03.1988TueTV2CITY OF DEATH Part One
5:30-6:00 PM23.03.1988WedTV2CITY OF DEATH Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM29.03.1988TueTV2CITY OF DEATH Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM30.03.1988WedTV2CITY OF DEATH Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM05.04.1988TueTV2THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT Part One
5:30-6:00 PM06.04.1988WedTV2THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM12.04.1988TueTV2THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM13.04.1988WedTV2THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM19.04.1988TueTV2NIGHTMARE OF EDEN Part One
5:30-6:00 PM20.04.1988WedTV2NIGHTMARE OF EDEN Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM26.04.1988TueTV2NIGHTMARE OF EDEN Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM27.04.1988WedTV2NIGHTMARE OF EDEN Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM03.05.1988 TueTV2THE HORNS OF NIMON Part One
5:25-6:00 PM04.05.1988WedTV2THE HORNS OF NIMON Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM10.05.1988TueTV2THE HORNS OF NIMON Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM11.05.1988WedTV2THE HORNS OF NIMON Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM17.05.1988TueTV2THE LEISURE HIVE Part One
5:30-6:00 PM18.05.1988WedTV2THE LEISURE HIVE Part Two
5:25-6:00 PM24.05.1988TueTV2THE LEISURE HIVE Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM25.05.1988WedTV2THE LEISURE HIVE Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM31.05.1988 TueTV2MEGLOS Part One
5:25-6:00 PM01.06.1988WedTV2MEGLOS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM07.06.1988TueTV2MEGLOS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM08.06.1988WedTV2MEGLOS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM14.06.1988TueTV2FULL CIRCLE Part One
5:25-6:00 PM15.06.1988WedTV2FULL CIRCLE Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM21.06.1988TueTV2FULL CIRCLE Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM22.06.1988WedTV2FULL CIRCLE Part Four
5:25-6:00 PM28.06.1988TueTV2STATE OF DECAY Part One
5:25-6:00 PM29.06.1988WedTV2STATE OF DECAY Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM05.07.1988 TueTV2STATE OF DECAY Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM06.07.1988WedTV2STATE OF DECAY Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM12.07.1988TueTV2WARRIORS' GATE Part One
5:25-6:00 PM13.07.1988WedTV2WARRIORS' GATE Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM19.07.1988 TueTV2WARRIORS' GATE Part Three
5:25-6:00 PM20.07.1988WedTV2WARRIORS' GATE Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM28.07.1988ThuTV2THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN Part One
5:30-6:00 PM29.07.1988FriTV2THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM04.08.1988ThuTV2THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM05.08.1988FriTV2THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM11.08.1988ThuTV2LOGOPOLIS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM12.08.1988FriTV2LOGOPOLIS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM18.08.1988ThuTV2LOGOPOLIS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM19.08.1988FriTV2LOGOPOLIS Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM25.08.1988ThuTV2CASTROVALVA Part One
5:30-6:00 PM26.08.1988FriTV2CASTROVALVA Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM01.09.1988ThuTV2CASTROVALVA Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM02.09.1988FriTV2CASTROVALVA Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM08.09.1988ThuTV2FOUR TO DOOMSDAY Part One
5:30-6:00 PM09.09.1988FriTV2FOUR TO DOOMSDAY Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM15.09.1988ThuTV2FOUR TO DOOMSDAY Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM16.09.1988FriTV2FOUR TO DOOMSDAY Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM22.09.1988ThuTV2KINDA Part One
5:30-6:00 PM23.09.1988FriTV2KINDA Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM29.09.1988ThuTV2KINDA Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM30.09.1988FriTV2KINDA Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM06.10.1988ThuTV2THE VISITATION Part One
5:30-6:00 PM07.10.1988FriTV2THE VISITATION Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM13.10.1988ThuTV2THE VISITATION Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM14.10.1988FriTV2THE VISITATION Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM20.10.1988ThuTV2BLACK ORCHID Part One
5:30-6:00 PM21.10.1988FriTV2BLACK ORCHID Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM27.10.1988ThuTV2EARTHSHOCK Part One
5:30-6:00 PM28.10.1988FriTV2EARTHSHOCK Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM03.11.1988ThuTV2EARTHSHOCK Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM04.11.1988FriTV2EARTHSHOCK Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM10.11.1988ThuTV2TIME-FLIGHT Part One
5:30-6:00 PM11.11.1988FriTV2TIME-FLIGHT Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM17.11.1988ThuTV2TIME-FLIGHT Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM18.11.1988FriTV2TIME-FLIGHT Part Four
2:40-5:30 PM19.11.1988SatTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode One - Episode Six [omnibus]
12:00-2:40 PM19.11.1988SatTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (1-6) World's End - Flashpoint [omnibus]
1:30-2:55 PM20.11.1988SunTV2DR WHO AND THE DALEKS (1965)
12:00-1:30 PM20.11.1988SunTV2THE FIVE DOCTORS
5:30-6:00 PM21.11.1988MonTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part One
5:30-6:00 PM22.11.1988TueTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM23.11.1988WedTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM24.11.1988ThuTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Four
4:30-5:00 PM25.11.1988FriTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part One
5:00-5:25 PM25.11.1988FriTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM25.11.1988FriTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM01.12.1988ThuTV2ARC OF INFINITY Part One
5:30-6:00 PM02.12.1988FriTV2ARC OF INFINITY Part Two
5:30-6:00 PM08.12.1988ThuTV2ARC OF INFINITY Part Three
5:30-6:00 PM09.12.1988FriTV2ARC OF INFINITY Part Four
5:30-6:00 PM15.12.1988ThuTV2SNAKEDANCE Part One
5:30-6:00 PM16.12.1988FriTV2SNAKEDANCE Part Two
5:35-6:05 PM22.12.1988ThuTV2SNAKEDANCE Part Three
5:35-6:05 PM23.12.1988FriTV2SNAKEDANCE Part Four