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Doctor Who New Zealand Transmission Dates

By Paul Scoones

Note: The primary source of all dates and screening times in this listing is the programme listings in issues of the New Zealand Listener, and has been cross-referenced against other available sources and corrected where necessary.

April - November 1989

5:15-5:45 PM06.04.1989ThuTV2MAWDRYN UNDEAD Part One
5:15-5:45 PM07.04.1989FriTV2MAWDRYN UNDEAD Part Two
5:15-5:45 PM13.04.1989ThuTV2MAWDRYN UNDEAD Part Three
5:15-5:45 PM14.04.1989FriTV2MAWDRYN UNDEAD Part Four
5:15-5:45 PM20.04.1989ThuTV2TERMINUS Part One
5:15-5:45 PM21.04.1989FriTV2TERMINUS Part Two
5:15-5:40 PM27.04.1989ThuTV2TERMINUS Part Three
5:15-5:40 PM28.04.1989FriTV2TERMINUS Part Four
5:15-5:40 PM04.05.1989ThuTV2ENLIGHTENMENT Part One
5:15-5:40 PM05.05.1989FriTV2ENLIGHTENMENT Part Two
5:15-5:40 PM11.05.1989ThuTV2ENLIGHTENMENT Part Three
5:15-5:40 PM12.05.1989FriTV2ENLIGHTENMENT Part Four
5:15-5:40 PM18.05.1989ThuTV2THE KING'S DEMONS Part One
5:15-5:40 PM19.05.1989FriTV2THE KING'S DEMONS Part Two
5:15-5:40 PM25.05.1989ThuTV2WARRIORS OF THE DEEP Part One
5:15-5:40 PM26.05.1989FriTV2WARRIORS OF THE DEEP Part Two
5:15-5:40 PM01.06.1989ThuTV2WARRIORS OF THE DEEP Part Three
5:15-5:40 PM02.06.1989FriTV2WARRIORS OF THE DEEP Part Four
5:15-5:40 PM08.06.1989ThuTV2THE AWAKENING Part One
5:10-5:40 PM09.06.1989FriTV2THE AWAKENING Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM15.06.1989ThuTV2FRONTIOS Part One
5:10-5:40 PM16.06.1989FriTV2FRONTIOS Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM22.06.1989ThuTV2FRONTIOS Part Three
5:10-5:40 PM23.06.1989FriTV2FRONTIOS Part Four
5:10-5:40 PM29.06.1989ThuTV2RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS Part One
5:10-5:40 PM30.06.1989FriTV2RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM06.07.1989ThuTV2RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS Part Three
5:10-5:40 PM07.07.1989FriTV2RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS Part Four
5:10-5:40 PM13.07.1989ThuTV2PLANET OF FIRE Part One
5:10-5:40 PM14.07.1989FriTV2PLANET OF FIRE Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM20.07.1989ThuTV2PLANET OF FIRE Part Three
5:10-5:40 PM21.07.1989FriTV2PLANET OF FIRE Part Four
5:10-5:40 PM27.07.1989ThuTV2THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI Part One
5:10-5:40 PM28.07.1989FriTV2THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM03.08.1989ThuTV2THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI Part Three
5:10-5:40 PM04.08.1989FriTV2THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI Part Four
5:10-5:40 PM10.08.1989ThuTV2THE TWIN DILEMMA Part One
5:10-5:40 PM11.08.1989FriTV2THE TWIN DILEMMA Part Two
5:10-5:40 PM17.08.1989ThuTV2THE TWIN DILEMMA Part Three
5:10-5:40 PM18.08.1989 FriTV2THE TWIN DILEMMA Part Four
5:15-5:45 PM24.08.1989ThuTV2ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN Part One
5:15-5:45 PM25.08.1989FriTV2ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN Part Two
5:15-5:45 PM31.08.1989ThuTV2ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN Part Three
5:15-5:45 PM01.09.1989FriTV2ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN Part Four
5:15-5:45 PM07.09.1989ThuTV2VENGEANCE ON VAROS Part One
5:15-5:45 PM08.09.1989FriTV2VENGEANCE ON VAROS Part Two
5:15-5:45 PM14.09.1989ThuTV2VENGEANCE ON VAROS Part Three
5:15-5:45 PM15.09.1989FriTV2VENGEANCE ON VAROS Part Four
5:15-5:45 PM21.09.1989ThuTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part One
5:15-5:45 PM22.09.1989FriTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part Two
5:15-5:45 PM28.09.1989ThuTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part Three
5:15-5:45 PM29.09.1989FriTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part Four
5:15-5:45 PM05.10.1989ThuTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part Five
5:10-5:45 PM06.10.1989FriTV2THE TWO DOCTORS Part Six
5:10-5:45 PM12.10.1989ThuTV2THE MARK OF THE RANI Part One
5:10-5:45 PM13.10.1989FriTV2THE MARK OF THE RANI Part Two
5:10-5:45 PM19.10.1989ThuTV2THE MARK OF THE RANI Part Three
5:10-5:45 PM20.10.1989FriTV2THE MARK OF THE RANI Part Four
5:10-5:45 PM26.10.1989ThuTV2TIMELASH Part One
5:10-5:45 PM27.10.1989FriTV2TIMELASH Part Two
5:00-5:30 PM28.10.1989SatTV2TIMELASH Part Three
5:00-5:30 PM04.11.1989SatTV2TIMELASH Part Four

December 1989

10:05-11:30 AM26.12.1989TueTV2DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 AD (1966)

December 1989 - September 1990

4:30-5:00 PM27.12.1989WedTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part One
4:30-5:00 PM28.12.1989ThuTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Two
4:35-5:00 PM29.12.1989FriTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Three
4:35-5:00 PM02.01.1990TueTV2REVELATION OF THE DALEKS Part Four
4:35-5:00 PM03.01.1990WedTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part One
4:30-5:00 PM04.01.1990ThuTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Two
4:35-5:00 PM05.01.1990FriTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Three
4:40-5:05 PM08.01.1990MonTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Four
4:35-5:00 PM09.01.1990TueTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Five
4:35-5:00 PM10.01.1990WedTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Six
4:30-5:00 PM11.01.1990ThuTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Seven
4:35-5:00 PM12.01.1990FriTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Eight
4:40-5:05 PM15.01.1990MonTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Nine
4:30-5:00 PM16.01.1990TueTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Ten
4:30-5:00 PM17.01.1990WedTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Eleven
4:30-5:00 PM18.01.1990ThuTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Twelve
4:35-5:00 PM19.01.1990FriTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Thirteen
4:40-5:05 PM22.01.1990MonTV2THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD Part Fourteen
4:30-5:00 PM23.01.1990TueTV2TIME AND THE RANI Part One
4:30-5:00 PM24.01.1990WedTV2TIME AND THE RANI Part Two
4:30-5:00 PM25.01.1990ThuTV2TIME AND THE RANI Part Three
4:35-5:00 PM26.01.1990FriTV2TIME AND THE RANI Part Four
4:40-5:05 PM29.01.1990MonTV2PARADISE TOWERS Part One
4:30-5:00 PM30.01.1990TueTV2PARADISE TOWERS Part Two
4:30-5:00 PM31.01.1990WedTV2PARADISE TOWERS Part Three
4:30-5:00 PM01.02.1990ThuTV2PARADISE TOWERS Part Four
4:35-5:00 PM02.02.1990FriTV2DELTA AND THE BANNERMEN Part One
4:40-5:05 PM05.02.1990MonTV2DELTA AND THE BANNERMEN Part Two
4:30-5:00 PM06.02.1990TueTV2DELTA AND THE BANNERMEN Part Three
4:30-5:00 PM07.02.1990WedTV2DRAGONFIRE Part One
4:30-5:00 PM08.02.1990ThuTV2DRAGONFIRE Part Two
4:35-5:00 PM09.02.1990FriTV2DRAGONFIRE Part Three
10:20-10:45 AM18.02.1990SunTV2REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS Part One
10:20-10:45 AM04.03.1990SunTV2REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM18.03.1990SunTV2REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM25.03.1990SunTV2REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS Part Four
9:35-10:00 AM01.04.1990SunTV2THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY Part One
9:35-10:00 AM08.04.1990SunTV2THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM15.04.1990SunTV2THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM22.04.1990SunTV2THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY Part Four
9:35-10:00 AM29.04.1990SunTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part One
9:35-10:00 AM06.05.1990SunTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM13.05.1990SunTV2SILVER NEMESIS Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM20.05.1990SunTV2THE HAPPINESS PATROL Part One
9:35-10:00 AM27.05.1990SunTV2THE HAPPINESS PATROL Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM03.06.1990SunTV2THE HAPPINESS PATROL Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM10.06.1990SunTV2BATTLEFIELD Part One
9:35-10:00 AM17.06.1990SunTV2BATTLEFIELD Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM24.06.1990SunTV2BATTLEFIELD Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM01.07.1990SunTV2BATTLEFIELD Part Four
9:35-10:00 AM08.07.1990SunTV2GHOST LIGHT Part One
9:35-10:00 AM15.07.1990SunTV2GHOST LIGHT Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM22.07.1990SunTV2GHOST LIGHT Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM29.07.1990SunTV2THE CURSE OF FENRIC Part One
9:35-10:00 AM05.08.1990SunTV2THE CURSE OF FENRIC Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM12.08.1990SunTV2THE CURSE OF FENRIC Part Three
9:35-10:00 AM19.08.1990SunTV2THE CURSE OF FENRIC Part Four
9:35-10:00 AM26.08.1990SunTV2SURVIVAL Part One
9:35-10:00 AM09.09.1990SunTV2SURVIVAL Part Two
9:35-10:00 AM16.09.1990SunTV2SURVIVAL Part Three

February - June 1991

9:10-10:00 AM17.02.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (1) World's End
9:10-10:00 AM24.02.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (2) The Daleks
9:15-9:40 AM03.03.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (3) Day of Reckoning
9:15-9:40 AM10.03.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (4) The End of Tomorrow
9:15-9:40 AM17.03.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (5) The Waking Ally
9:15-9:40 AM24.03.1991SunTV2THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (6) Flashpoint
9:15-9:40 AM31.03.1991SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode One
9:15-9:40 AM07.04.1991 SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode Two
9:15-9:40 AM14.04.1991SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode Three
9:15-9:40 AM21.04.1991 SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode Four
9:15-9:40 AM28.04.1991 SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode Five
9:15-9:40 AM05.05.1991 SunTV2THE SEEDS OF DEATH Episode Six
9:15-9:40 AM12.05.1991SunTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 1
9:15-9:40 AM19.05.1991SunTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 2
9:15-9:35 AM26.05.1991SunTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 3
9:15-9:35 AM02.06.1991SunTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 4
9:15-9:30 AM09.06.1991SunTV2THE MIND ROBBER Episode 5
9:35-10:00 AM16.06.1991SunTV2THE KROTONS Episode One
9:35-10:00 AM23.06.1991SunTV2THE KROTONS Episode Two
9:35-10:00 AM30.06.1991 SunTV2THE KROTONS Episode Three
10:00-10:25 AM30.06.1991SunTV2THE KROTONS Episode Four

July 1991 - January 1992

11:25-11:45 AM28.07.1991SunTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 1
11:25-11:50 AM04.08.1991SunTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 2
11:25-11:50 AM11.08.1991SunTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 3
11:25-11:50 AM18.08.1991SunTV2SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE Episode 4
11:25-11:50 AM25.08.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 1
11:30-12:00 AM01.09.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 2
11:30-12:00 AM08.09.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 3
11:30-12:00 AM15.09.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 4
11:30-12:00 AM22.09.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 5
11:30-12:00 AM29.09.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 6
11:30-12:00 AM06.10.1991SunTV2DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Episode 7
11:30-12:00 AM13.10.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 1
11:30-12:00 AM20.10.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 2
11:30-12:00 AM27.10.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 3
11:30-12:00 AM03.11.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 4
11:30-12:00 AM10.11.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 5
11:30-12:00 AM17.11.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 6
11:30-12:00 AM24.11.1991SunTV2THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH Episode 7
11:30-12:00 AM01.12.1991SunTV2INFERNO Episode 1
11:30-12:00 AM08.12.1991SunTV2INFERNO Episode 2
11:30-12:00 AM15.12.1991SunTV2INFERNO Episode 3
11:30-12:00 AM22.12.1991SunTV2INFERNO Episode 4
11:30-12:00 AM29.12.1991SunTV2INFERNO Episode 5
11:30-12:00 AM05.01.1992SunTV2INFERNO Episode 6
11:30-12:00 AM12.01.1992SunTV2INFERNO Episode 7

February - April 1992

11:30-12:00 AM16.02.1992SunTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode One
11:30-12:00 AM23.02.1992SunTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Two
11:30-12:00 AM01.03.1992SunTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Three
11:30-12:00 AM08.03.1992SunTV2TERROR OF THE AUTONS Episode Four
11:30-12:00 AM15.03.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode One
11:30-12:00 AM22.03.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Two
11:30-12:00 AM29.03.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Three
11:30-12:00 AM05.04.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Four
11:30-12:00 AM12.04.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Five
11:30-12:00 AM19.04.1992SunTV2THE MIND OF EVIL Episode Six

January - May 1993

11:30-12:00 AM24.01.1993SunTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode One
11:30-12:00 AM31.01.1993SunTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Two
11:30-12:00 AM07.02.1993SunTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Three
11:30-12:00 AM14.02.1993SunTV2THE CLAWS OF AXOS Episode Four
11:30-12:00 AM21.02.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode One
11:30-12:00 AM28.02.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Two
11:30-12:00 AM07.03.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Three
11:30-12:00 AM14.03.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Four
11:30-12:00 AM21.03.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Five
11:30-12:00 AM28.03.1993SunTV2COLONY IN SPACE Episode Six
11:30-12:00 AM04.04.1993SunTV2THE DÆMONS Episode One
11:30-12:00 AM11.04.1993SunTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Two
11:30-12:00 AM18.04.1993SunTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Three
11:30-12:00 AM25.04.1993SunTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Four
11:30-12:00 AM02.05.1993SunTV2THE DÆMONS Episode Five
11:30-12:00 AM09.05.1993 SunTV2THE TIME MEDDLER (1) The Watcher
11:30-12:00 AM16.05.1993SunTV2THE TIME MEDDLER (2) The Meddling Monk
11:30-12:00 AM23.05.1993SunTV2THE TIME MEDDLER (3) A Battle of Wits
11:30-12:00 AM30.05.1993SunTV2THE TIME MEDDLER (4) Checkmate

November - December 1993

11:35-12:00 AM28.11.1993SunTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode One
11:35-12:00 AM05.12.1993SunTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Two
11:35-12:00 AM12.12.1993SunTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Three
11:35-12:00 AM19.12.1993SunTV2DAY OF THE DALEKS Episode Four
11:35-12:00 AM26.12.1993SunTV2RESISTANCE IS USELESS

October 1996

8:30-10:20 PM30.10.1996WedTV2DOCTOR WHO

July 1999

9:00-10:45 PM03.07.1999SatTV2DOCTOR WHO