Timestreams 2

April 1991

Timestreams 2
Published April 1991

Paul Scoones
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
David Bishop
Back cover art
Chris Girdler


Originally intended to be included as part of TSV subscriptions, by the time it reached publication Timestreams 2 had been superseded by plans for a full complement of TSV issues and was sold separately. It was published around the same time as TSV 22. The front cover (based on the DWM 161 cover) was illustrated by David Bishop and the contents included the prologue to David Lawrence's later abandoned novelisation of The Power of the Daleks, a crossover story with Lost in Space, an adaptation of the Wellington chapter's first video production, and six other stories.

2.Editorial Paul Scoones
3.The Power of the Daleks Prologue [Fiction] David Lawrence
10.The Ship [Fiction] Jon Preddle (as Donald Peathe Jnr)
12.A Deadly Interlude [Fiction] David Lawrence
18.Invasion of the Cybermen [Fiction] Phillip J Gray
27.Mind Web [Fiction] Paul Scoones
31.Charlie and the Monster [Fiction] Michael Mayo
42.Revelation of the Dalek Part One [Fiction] David Lawrence
45.Revelation of the Dalek Part Two [Fiction] David Lawrence
48.Storm Over Hyperion [Fiction] Jeff Stone
53.Hegemony of the Daleks [Fiction] Craig Young


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