Timestreams 1

August 1990

Timestreams 1
Published August 1990

Paul Scoones
Front cover art
David Bishop
Back cover art
Mark Roach


Timestreams was New Zealand's first Doctor Who fiction zine and was devised by Paul Scoones around late 1989 as a twice-yearly publication to be included as part of TSV readers' subscriptions. This first issue was meant to have been published and distributed with TSV 19 but delays in preparing material for publication meant that Timestreams had to be postponed to appear with the next issue - however the WhoCon convention caused TSV 20 to be delayed and in the end Timestreams issue 1 filled the long gap between TSV 19 and 20. The logo was inspired by the Watchmen comic and the cover illustration was by David Bishop. In addition to twelve text stories, the issue featured Warwick Gray's first Doctor Who comic strip story, The Resurrection Test.

5.Companions of the Doctor [Fiction] Paul Scoones
9.The Weapon [Fiction] Michael Mayo
16."X" [Fiction] Jon Preddle (as Donald Peathe Jnr)
17."Oh No! Not Again" [Fiction] Michael Smeaton
23.Doctor Who: Lizardhead [Fiction] Craig Young
29.The Resurrection Test [Comic Strip] Warwick Gray
37.Tibetan Sojourn [Fiction] Jonathan Preddle
41.Teenagers in Space [Fiction] Yvonne Harrison
44.Alternative Who [Fiction] Sean O'Puscol
47.The Nightmare [Fiction] Clinton Spencer
49.Planet of the Warlords [Fiction] Mark Sherstone
59.The First Steps [Fiction] Matthew Goodall
60.The Last Confrontation [Fiction] Timothy Blackburn


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