Timestreams 4

April 1992

Timestreams 4
Published April 1992

Chris Mander
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Warwick Gray
Back cover art
Fleur Hardman


This was the longest installment of Timestreams at 72 pages and was Chris Mander's last issue as its editor. The issue featured 18 stories including humorous adaptations of two local fan video productions, one from Auckland (The Day of the Revenge of the Curse of Woolly Nemesis) and one from Whakatane (Attack of the Autons), as well as a crossover story with The Tomorrow People. Infection by Steven Jones was a sequel to Pure Gold in the previous issue. This was the last issue of Timestreams for over two years, mainly due to a downturn in fan fiction contributions. The cover illustration was by Warwick Gray. The issue was published in April 1992 at the same time as TSV 28.

2.Editorial Chris Mander
3.Stratosfear [Fiction] Jeff Stone
10.Futures Lost [Fiction] Alden Bates
11.Futures Lost II [Fiction] Alden Bates
12.Futures Lost III: The Conclusion [Fiction] Alden Bates
14.Apocalypse of the Daleks [Fiction] Craig Young
20.Serintip [Fiction] David Ronayne
21.The Rainbox [Fiction] Christopher Owen
23.A Day Off [Fiction] Jamas Enright
26.The Lesser of Two Evils [Fiction] Morgan Davie
34.Absolute Dork: Dalek Borer [Cartoon] Teri Ronayne
35.The Perfect People [Fiction] Michael Mayo
42.A Mission to Destiny [Fiction] Eric Van Gislin
44.Attack of the Autons [Fiction] Clinton Spencer
47.Infection [Fiction] Steven Jones
53.The Day of the Revenge of the Curse of Woolly Nemesis [Fiction] David Ronayne
56.Intersect [Fiction] Craig Young
62.Return to Earth [Fiction] Jamas Enright
65.Dismissal [Fiction] Michael Dwyer
66.Turning Point [Fiction] Michael Norrish
70.Daleks! [Cartoon] Teri Ronayne


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