Timestreams 5

August 1995

Timestreams 5
Published August 1995

Matthew Dentith & Felicity Scoones
Layout Artist
Matthew Dentith
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Richard Scholes
Back cover art
Richard Scholes


This was the last issue of Timestreams and the first published in over two years. The issue took a long time to prepare, with editor Felicity Scoones beginning work on it in 1993. Due to a shortage of suitable contributions, the issue was still unfinished when Felicity departed for the UK at the beginning of 1995 and responsibility for finishing the issue then passed to new editor, Matthew Dentith, who'd already had a story accepted for the collection. The issue was finally published in August 1995, shortly before TSV 45. Notably, almost all of the many illustrations in this issue were drawn specifically to depict scenes from stories in the collection.

3.The Homecoming [Fiction] Adam McGechan
5.Globulus [Fiction] Stuart Brown
10.Corners of the Universe [Fiction] Adam McGechan
12.Beachhead [Fiction] Simon Hardman
16.Time Fall [Fiction] Gerald Joblin
19.The Eternal Casino [Fiction] Jamas Enright
29.Flower of Necros [Comic Strip] Peter Adamson & Paul Potiki
40.Tempest [Fiction] Morgan Davis
48.Miasimia Goria [Fiction] Peter Adamson
50.Evidence [Fiction] Alden Bates
51.Memories and Restriction [Fiction] Matthew Dentith
53.Arrakeen Tea Leaves [Fiction] Nicholas Withers
56.Entropy's Edge [Fiction] Daniel Spragg


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