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The Cuts of Doom

By Jon Preddle

Jon's Note: My original article in TSV 13, which listed cuts that had been made to the episodes then recently screened on TV2 (done by TVNZ to allow for more commercials and News Breaks, or because they were edited tapes received from ABC in Australia,) were far from complete or accurate. This updated version is a more comprehensive (but not necessarily totally complete) list, being a combination of both original articles, with further cuts added, and a couple of errors from the original pieces amended.

It should be noted that just because an episode is not listed here does not mean that it wasn't cut; any omission is because either I didn't make any notes at the time, or I simply did not see the episode when it screened here. A number in brackets indicates the page number from the novelisation as an aid to identifying where the cuts occur.

Part One: Regeneration scene shown as pre-credit sequence is cut (2)
Part Two: The Doctor riding through TARDIS corridor in wheelchair, cut (not in book, 33)
Part Two: The Master and Adric watching inside the Doctor's TARDIS, with Nyssa going to the manual over-ride control, cut. (35)
Part Four: Recap of previous episode, Castrovalva's break-up, shortened (87)
Four to Doomsday
Part One: Adric and Nyssa talking, cut (24)
Part Two: Adric and Nyssa in floral chamber, cut (55-6)
Part Three: Doctor follows Bigon into corridor and deactivates Monopticon, cut (79)
Part Four: After Nyssa is taken away, we lose the rest of Monarch's speech (102)
Part Four: Most of the scenes with Tegan trying to fly the TARDIS cut (not in book)
Part Four: After Monarch orders the restoration of life support, we lose the next two corridor scenes (126)
Part Four: After the TARDIS dematerialises, we lose the reaction shots of the androids (127)
Part Four: The first sequence in the TARDIS is missing the Doctor and Tegan's first lines (128)
Part One: Dukkha appears for the first time in Tegan's dream, shortened (29)
Part One: Tegan's conversation with Dukkha (30)
Part Two: Adric's hidden coin trick, cut (40-1)
Part Two: Hindle inspects his 'troops' (42-43)
Part Two: Hindle talks about fungi (45-46)
Part Three: Aris wraps a vine around his arm (69)
Part Three: Todd telling the Doctor that they're being followed, he saying "Rubbish" - then hears a noise in the bush, shortened (72)
Part Three: Todd's dialogue "So many questions..." (80)
Part Four: Tegan and Adric arguing, cut (110)
Part Four: Tegan and Doctor's conversation about evil is cut (118)
Part Four: Aris in the jungle (118)
The Visitation
Part One: Villagers following Doctor and companions is cut (26)
Part One: Miller loading wagon with plague phials then nearly runs down Doctor and Co., cut (not in book, 32)
Part Two: Terileptil hidden from view whilst interrogating Adric and Tegan, it then appearing for the first time, cut (50)
Part Two: Android escorts Tegan and Adric to their cell, cut (58)
Part Two: Mace and Doctor leave escape pod to come face to face with poacher, cut (54-55)
Part Two: Adric approaches the TARDIS (70)
Part Three: Doctor rummaging through his pockets to find something to pick the lock, cut (89)
Black Orchid
Part One: The Doctor and Charles talking about Alzarius and the Baltics, cut (47-48)
Part One: The cliffhanger is cut. The missing sequence goes: the Harlequin strangles the butler, Ann faints. Harlequin then leans over her and reaches for her throat... (72-73)
(This is the edited Australian print. Oddly, the sequence is retained in the recap in Part Two!)
Part One: Opening scene after titles shows Kyle and Scott climbing up a ladder to reach the cave mouth, cut (not in book)
Part Two: Nyssa opens fallen android to reveal transmitter, cut (44)
Part Two: Doctor and Adric. Adric's hurrying out and the Doctor wanting to talk about his returning home, cut (55)
Part Three: Ringway escorting the Doctor and Adric through corridors, cut (77)
Part Four: Tegan tells the Cybermen they wont like Earth because they will rust! (?)
Part Four: The Doctor being led back to the TARDIS (108)
Part Four: The Cyber Leader tells his Lt to meet him at the TARDIS. A they leave a Cyberman is revived (108)
Part One: A sequence in the airport corridor in which the TARDIS crew discus the vanishing plane is cut (not in book, 17)
Part One: The TARDIS is loaded on board the Concorde (22)
Part One: The Doctor and co arrives by car. Tegan says she once saw Concorde in Melbourne (22-23)
Part One: Dialogue that the Concorde is flying over the Cornish Coast - 'it's happening again' (25)
Part Two: Kalid caresses the TARDIS, the globe beeps (not in book, 45)
Part Three: The Doctor talks to the stranded passengers (78)
Part Three: Most of the scenes of the Master in the Doctor's TARDIS are cut or trimmed (81, 83, 84)
Part Three: The Doctor finds the cable coming from the Master's TARDIS and follows it around (80)
Part Three: Scobie follows the Master and bumps into Angela (89-90)
Part Four: (no notes held)
Arc of Infinity
Part One: Robin leads Colin to the house (8)
Part One: The TARDIS scene on page 8, plus the bridging scenes with Robin and Colin cut (8)
Part One: Robin goes to the Police Station (27)
Part Two: Plane touches down at Schipol airport (33)
Part Two: Robin watches passengers disembarking and notices Tegan for the first time, cut (33-34)
Part Two: Nyssa shooting guards outside Termination chamber, cut (57)
Part Three: Guards chasing Doctor and Nyssa, cut (84)
Part Three: Sloppy editing removes Hedin falling after being shot, with the line "Hedin's your traitor," being dubbed in, cut (88)
Part One: Tegan asleep in bed, shorter (9)
Part One: Lon coming down stairs and lying on his bed, cut (10)
Part One: Tegan in bed talking about Kinda, cut (21)
Part Two: Nyssa searching for Tegan, cut (42 & 48)
Part Two: Tegan hiding, cut (47)
Part Two: Doctor warning Ambril to cancel the celebration. Ambril's reply "Oh, certainly,", cut (44)
Part Three: Nyssa's cell room, cut (72)

This item appeared in TSV 13 (May 1989).

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