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The Scissors of Destruction

By Jon Preddle

Jon's Note: My original article in TSV 17, which listed cuts that had been made to the episodes then recently screened on TV2 (done by TVNZ to allow for more commercials and News Breaks, or because they were edited tapes received from ABC in Australia,) were far from complete or accurate. This updated version is a more comprehensive (but not necessarily totally complete) list, being a combination of both original articles, with further cuts added, and a couple of errors from the original pieces amended.

It should be noted that just because an episode is not listed here does not mean that it wasn't cut; any omission is because either I didn't make any notes at the time, or I simply did not see the episode when it screened here. A number in brackets indicates the page number from the novelisation as an aid to identifying where the cuts occur.

Part Three: Eirak is studying the Hydromel syringes and writing them up in the register when Sigurd enters, informing him that the patients are ready. Eirak then hurls one of the syringes to the ground, pronouncing it to be coloured water...(103)
Part Three: Valgard volunteers to look for Bor (105)
Part Three: Doctor and Kari hear singing (109)
Part Three: Tegan and Turlough sit catching their breath and Turlough asks her if she could ever kill anyone. She answers and calls him weird. (106-108)
Part Three: Scene with Nyssa and Rachel in cell is cut short (102-103)
Part Two: The Black Guardian strangles Turlough, condemning him to eternity on the ship (59)
Part Four: Turlough smashes the diamond and the Black Guardian screams as his body bursts into flames and he fades away, the picture turning to negative. (125)
Warriors of the Deep
Part Two: The Silurian ship rises from the crater (54)
Part Two: Tegan is captured by Preston (54)
The Caves of Androzani
[This was the edited print from Australia.]
Part Two: Stotz draws a knife and forces Krelper to the ground and makes him bite on a poison capsule (44-45)
Part Three: Jek strikes the Doctor. The androids then grad the Doctor by the arms and Jek threatens to pull him apart unless he tells him where Peri is (75-76)
Part Four: Salateen is machine gunned down by the android. (106)
Part Four: Chellak dies when he is covered in a mudflow [This scene occurs just before the Ad break. His screams have been cut. (116)]
Part Four: Jek shows Peri his face. She screams and Jek hides under the table. (116)
Part Four: Morgus, Stotz and Jek's deaths are all cut out. [The scene when Jek rips off his mask is the cut point, up to when the Doctor rushes in during a fire. (130-131)]
The Twin Dilemma
No cuts [Although the whole story should have been cut in my view!]
Attack of the Cybermen
Although there were no cuts for content, we did lose tops and tails of scenes where the ad breaks were inserted.
Vengeance on Varos
Part One: Jondar being laser tortured in opening segment. Arak arrives home from work to see Etta watching Jondar on the screen. (2-3)
Part One: The votes are taken and the Governor is submitted to a bombardment of energy. His body writhes and he screams. (14)
Part One: The Doctor works on the circuits within the laser cannon. (28)
Part Two: Maldak slaps Peri. (51)
Part Two: While the Doctor walks through the 'desert' the scenes with Etta and Arak watching him have all been cut. (57)
Part Two: The full cliffhanger ends with a close-up of the Doctor's still face. The scene then goes to the image broadcast on a monitor. Sil gurgles "Dead as death!" and the Governor orders Bax to "Cut it now!" The scene fades to black. (57)
Part Three: The above was cut from the recap scene.
Part Three: The Doctor wakes up in the morgue and the two attendants fall into the acid bath. (72-73)
Part Three: (from pages 58 to 81) Various scenes are cut, including Arak and Etta, and the Doctor meeting Quillam.
Part Three: The hanging segment is cut from when Peri and Areta are led away up to when the Doctor agrees to help on after seeing that Peri is safe. (92-95)
Part Four: The Governor is submitted to the vote again and is placed under the disintegrator. Maldak shoots the device, and Arak votes twice. (120-121)
The Two Doctors
Part Three: Shockeye catches and eats a rat. (80)
Part Four: Peri arrives at the Hacienda. Shockeye, watching her approaching, dribbles at the mouth. (96)
Part Six: When Oscar refuses to accept Shockeye's money, the Androgum stabs him. (142-144)
Part Six: Chessene looks at the Doctor's blood on the steps, and bends down to lap it up watched by a shocked Dastari in the background. (153)
Part Six: Shockeye is happily tenderising Jamie with a laser, when Chessene enters with news that the Doctor has escaped. (150-151)
Part Six: After killing Shockeye, the Doctor says "Your just desserts." (157)
Part Three: Tekker and Kendron talk to the Borad on a monitor. In the chamber, the old man is revealed to be an electronic puppet. (87) (Not in the novelisation.)
Part Three: Peri is placed in the Morlox pit with a noose around her neck. (86)
Part Three: The Doctor decides to climb into the Timelash and puts the rope around himself. (79)
Revelation of the Daleks
[TVNZ screened the Australian censored print; this list relates to the 1988 screening, not the 1989 repeat.]
Part One: Doctor and Peri discuss the benefits of the weed plant and the Doctor wonders why they don't harvest it. Then the mutant attacks ...
Part One: Jobel and Takis discuss the funeral arrangements for the President's wife.
Part One: Short scene with DJ doing his request session.
Part Three: Doctor with Natasha and Grigory in cell is shortened.
Part Three: Orcini and Bostock in the snow. Orcini talks about his sword.
Part Three: Tasambeker stabs Jobel. He falls, holding the needle in his chest and as he collapses at the foot of the stairs his toupee falls off.
Part Four: Orcini stabs Kara and she falls to the floor.
The Trial of a Time Lord
Part Nine: The opening TARDIS scene with the Doctor on his exercise bike (16-17)
Part Fourteen: Due to the complex content needed to close up the Trial season this episode was 30 minutes in duration in the UK, as opposed to the usual 24. So to fit this into a 23-minute (TVNZ's timing for a commercial half hour) episode, severe editing had to be undertaken. This resulted in a total of eight minutes and eleven seconds being chopped!!! In England, viewers and fans complained of not being able to understand Part Fourteen, so we New Zealand viewers must have had an even harder time! The deletion of the 'fake trial' scenes on pages 74 to 81 make the dialogue between the Doctor and Mel seen on screen after the Doctor quotes from A Tale of Two Cities completely nonsensical since they are talking about the fake trial!! The cuts, referenced from the novelisation, are as follows:
(58 line 9) "why you want me dead." to (59 line 4) "With you destroyed..."
(69 line 11) "Popplewick Junior..." to (line 28) "A rattle of..."
(72 line 1) "Doctor..." to (line 12) "Mel?..."
(73 line 4) "And found..." to (line 29) "... on with it."
(74 line 9) "...of the Vervoids." to (81 line 21) "it is a far..."
(89 line 1) "The junior Popplewick... to (91 line 25) "... Popplewick, sir."
(94 line 4) "With a weapon..." to (96 line 20) "... all along!"
(100 line 1) "Doesn't that..." to (line 23) "... Mel noticed."
Delta and the Bannermen
Part One: The first song at the dance is cut (48)
Silver Nemesis
[This list is for the 1988 screening, not the later repeat]
Part One: The comet crashes and explodes. The ad break comes in here and missing is a scene in the basement of Windsor castle: The Doctor hears the explosion and says that Nemesis has arrived. Ace asks how he can recognise the noise. He replies that it was he who launched it into space in the first place - but made an error in his calculations. Ace wanders off and locates the Silver Bow display case - but it's empty. Police cars arrive down a street. Lady Peinforte and Richard watch them stop at the crash site. (The ads end and the action continues from here ...) (24-25)

This item appeared in TSV 17 (January 1990).

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