TSV 18

May 1990

TSV 18
Published May 1990

Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!" (Andrew Poulsen, Peter Smith)
Front cover art
Graham Muir
Back cover art
Alistair Hughes


The Tardis Tales cover illustration was indicative of the rapidly growing popularity of Graham Muir's cartoon strip. Alistair Hughes began a series of articles, ‘Hughes on Artwork’ in which he described the creative process of developing his very detailed illustrations. Warwick Gray's one-page cartoon ‘Who will be the Doctor's next companion?’ suggested that Jon Preddle should replace Ace as the seventh Doctor's companion. David Bishop contributed the first part of ‘The Nick and Katy Show’ a transcript of a panel discussion he'd attended featuring Nicholas Courtney and Katy Manning at Whovention, Sydney Australia in January 1990. Matthew Goodall and Richard Scheib entered into a protracted discussion in print regarding the nature of time travel in the series which overflowed into the following issue.

Print contents

4.Random Waffling from the Editor Andrew Poulsen
6.Data Correspondence [Letters]
Chris Noaro, Mark Sherstone, Michael Dwyer, Cameron Beech, Danny Edwards, Pat Albertson, Anableps 5, David Lawrence, David Bishop, Paul Rigby
8.A Typical Fan's Reaction to 'Ghost Light' [Cartoon] Graham Muir
11.The Leisure Hive [News]
11.Mark Strickson at NZ Con!!! Andrew Poulsen
13.Galactic Junkmail
14.Bulletin from Britain [News] David Bishop
17.Land of Fiction [News] Paul Scoones, David Bishop
19.Who Will Be The Doctor's Next Companion [Cartoon] Warwick Gray
20.Doctor Who Magazine [News]
21.Time - Who's Worried Matthew Goodall
23.Time Travel in Doctor Who Richard Scheib
26.The Nick and Katy Show David Bishop
30.Hughes on Artwork [Regular] Alistair Hughes
33.Role Playing Day Review John Davis
34.This is Your Life - Doctor Who [Video Review] Shane Reeves
35.Tardis Tales: Back to Reality [Cartoon] Graham Muir
37.Down Memory Lane in a TARDIS Steve Meikle
38.Hindscan - Season 23 [Television Review] Hamish Reid
39.Colin Baker found that he was not a well accepted Doctor... [Cartoon]
40.The 5th Doctor Era Survey Results Paul Scoones
45.The Mutation [Fiction] Stephen Dowling
48.The Scissors of Destruction Jon Preddle
49.The Doctor Who Ratings David Bishop
56.A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the BBC Canteen [Fiction] Murray Jackson

Artwork by: Graham Muir, Alistair Hughes (View thumbnails)