TSV 19

June 1990

TSV 19
Published June 1990

Richard Scheib
Editor in Chief
Andrew Poulsen
Published by
"Who Pressed What?!" (Andrew Poulsen, Peter Smith)
Front cover art
Warwick Gray
Back cover art
Warwick Gray


Richard Scheib took over as editor for this issue, although Andrew was still credited, as 'editor in chief'. The cover artwork was by Warwick Gray. David Bishop contributed much of the issue's content, including an interview with music composer Mark Ayres, and a piece on how Doctor Who Magazine is put together. This latter feature came about because David had struck up a friendship with DWM editor John Freeman not long after he arrived in the UK in early 1990. David commenced writing a regular news column from this issue, entitled Bulletin from Britain.



Comic Strips & Cartoons

Reviews: Television

Event Reports


Print contents

4.Newsflash: Andrew regenerates into Richard Janine Gredig
4.The Reject Dalek [Cartoon] Matthew Akersten
5.Secretarial Janine Gredig
9.The Real Who [Cartoon] Edwin Patterson
10.Data Correspondence [Letters]
Nigel Flockhart, David Lawrence, Ken Tod, Alistair Hughes, Michael Dwyer, Matthew Akersten, Vernon McCarthy, Warwick Gray, Gerald Joblin, Murray Cramp, David Bishop
17.The Leisure Hive [News]
18.Galactic Junkmail
19.Bulletin from Britain [News] David Bishop
22.Bulletin from Australia [News] Raphael Schilder
23.The Land of Fiction [News] David Bishop
24.Update on "Doctor Who - The Movie Nick White, Richard Scheib
25.Tardis Tales: Back to Reality [Cartoon] Graham Muir
27.Hindscan - Season 23 [Television Review] Nigel Flockhart
28.Hindscan - Season 24 [Television Review] Nigel Flockhart
30.The Doctor Who Society Andrew Poulsen
31.The Dalek of the Future Raymond Cusick
32.Hughes on Artwork [Regular] Alistair Hughes
35.Inside Doctor Who Magazine David Bishop
42.Troughton Cartoon [Cartoon] Darrell Patterson
43.Who's Wimps Whipped The Pictorious Gredigs
44.Cramp's Conflagration [Event Report] Murray Cramp
44.A Brief Review of Converge II [Event Report] Janine Gredig
45.KiwiCon VS Converge Richard Scheib
48.More Time Travel in Doctor Who Nicholas Smeaton
50.Mark Ayres [Interview] David Bishop
55.Who's Who in Blake's 7 David Lawrence
58.Doctor Who's Who Paul Scoones
62.Enditorial Richard Scheib

Artwork by: Warwick Gray, Cameron Beech (View thumbnails)