September 1987

Published September 1987

Editor & Writer
Paul Scoones
Assistant Editor and Writer
Paul Sinkovich
William Edwards, Michael Mayo, Jon Preddle
Design & Layout
Paul Scoones
PS Productions
Distribution & Publicity
Paul Sinkovich


For the second issue TSV underwent a radical new look, with the text shrunk down to half its previous size to fit more on each page. It also featured a redesigned cover logo (dropping "The" from the name), adapted using a style of lettering borrowed from the heading "Visual Effects" in DWM 123. TSV's first 'interview' was a transcript of a talk sixties script editor Gerry Davis gave at a convention, sent over by an American fan. The issue included a lot of inaccurate news, such as the Ice Warriors and Sil appearing in Dragonfire, that Season 25 was to feature a UNIT story called 'Pawns in Jeopardy' by Glen McCoy and 'The Seven Doctors' with either Richard Briers or Frazer Hines playing the Second Doctor! TSV was however the first place that many of its readers first learned that an actress called Sophie Aldred had been cast as 'Ace'.




Reviews: Television

Reviews: Books

Print contents

2.Editorial Paul Scoones
3.Letters [Letters]
A letter from TVNZ regarding the screening of Doctor Who
4.Season 24 [News]
6.The Hand of Fear [Television Review] Michael Mayo
6.The Deadly Assassin [Television Review] Paul Scoones
7.The Deadly Assassin [Television Review] Michael Mayo
8.The Face of Evil [Television Review] Paul Sinkovich
8.The Robots of Death [Television Review] Paul Scoones
10.The Telecom Scandal [Clippings]
11.Episodes Found! [News] Paul Scoones
12.Roger Delgado [Biography] Paul Sinkovich
14.Gerry Davis [Interview] Paul Scoones
17.The Forgotten Tales Paul Scoones
20.The Faceless Ones [Book Review] Jon Preddle
20.Fury From The Deep [Book Review] Paul Sinkovich
21.The Mind Robber [Book Review] Paul Scoones
22.The Holy War [Fiction] William Edwards
24.Television Preview [Preview]