TSV 27

February 1992

TSV 27
Published February 1992

Paul Scoones and Felicity Scoones
Fiction Editor/Laser-printing
Chris Mander
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Warwick Gray
Back cover art
Felicity Scoones


Warwick Gray's series of seven cover illustrations ended, having covered all seven Doctors (this coincided with Warwick's departure for the UK where he now resides). The highlight of this issue was Jon Preddle's acclaimed UNIT Years article, derived from his on-going research into the series' on-screen chronology. Jon's Target Episode Guide ended. The issue featured readers' responses to the successful small-scale Wellington NZDWFC convention, DoctorCon'92, in January 1992. The convention attracted a fair amount of interest from newspapers and radio stations, resulting in a large influx of new readers.





Reviews: Books

Reviews: Television

Reviews: Radio

Event Reports

  • Doctorcon Comments Morgan Davie, Julia Lloyd, Paul Rigby, David Ronayne, Aden Shillito, Jeff Stone, Clinton Spencer, Ehren Stowers, Rochelle Thickpenny


Print contents

3.Editorial Felicity Scoones, Paul Scoones
4.The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club [News]
5.Update [News]
8.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Kate Orman, Aden Shillito, Matthew Morris, Jon Preddle, Alden Bates, Ehren Stowers, Chris Mahoney, Phillip J Gray, Julia Lloyd, Michael D Kennedy, Justin Grannall, Edwin Patterson, Michael Dwyer, Jamas Enright, David Ronayne, Graham Muir, Morgan Davie, Paul Rigby, Jeff Stone, Andrew Poulsen, Chris Mander
15.Land of Fiction [News]
17.The Leisure Hive [News] Felicity Scoones
20.A Guide to Chapters Felicity Scoones
22.Galactic Junkmail
23.What The Radio Said
25.What The Papers Said [Clippings]
28.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
28.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Paul Scoones
29.Discovering Who [Regular] Warwick Gray
30.Timewyrm: Apocalypse [Book Review] Fleur Hardman
30.Timewyrm: Apocalypse [Book Review] Clinton Spencer
30.Timewyrm: Apocalypse [Book Review] David Ronayne
31.Timewyrm: Apocalypse [Book Review] Graham Howard
32.Nightwatch [Fiction] Christopher Owen
34.Artwork Workshop Felicity Scoones
35.A Look at Cyberculture Jessica Smiler
36.Fanzines Received [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
37.Time Lord - the New Doctor Who Role Playing Game Morgan Davie
40.Thunderball Video's Valley of the Lonely [Video Review] Jessica Smiler
41.The UNIT Years Jon Preddle
51.Murder at Midnight [Fiction] Jeff Stone
54.Story File: The Mind of Evil [Regular] Paul Scoones
57.Target Episode Guide [Regular] Jon Preddle
60.The Space Museum [Regular]
62.Cult Heroes Episode 10 [Review] Murray Cramp
62."Snakedance" [Cartoon] Felicity Scoones
62."Earthshock" [Cartoon] Felicity Scoones
63.Timewyrm Quartet Paul Scoones
68.New Zealand Fandom Awards - A counter Argument Andrew Cook
69.Doctorcon Comments [Event Report] Morgan Davie, Julia Lloyd, Paul Rigby, David Ronayne, Aden Shillito, Jeff Stone, Clinton Spencer, Ehren Stowers, Rochelle Thickpenny
75.Doctor's Dilemma Jon Preddle
76.Tardis Tales: The Nightclub! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
78.The Forgotten Tales [Regular] Jon Preddle
83.Inferno [Television Review] Terry Shore

Artwork by: Warwick Gray, Justin Grannall, Felicity Scoones, Julia Lloydd, Jon Preddle, David Ronayne, Richard Larsen, Rochelle Thickpenny, Andy Lambert, Brent White (View thumbnails)