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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds

Additions to 'The Cast of Thousands' in Time Lord, the Doctor Who role-playing game book


The Cheetah People are a mysterious species of cat-like humanoids. Their bodies are covered in short golden fur, with a pattern of dark spots resembling that of the cheetah. Longer hair on their heads forms a mane around their necks. Intelligent yellow eyes stare out of their sharp fanged, cat nosed faces. Their short fingers posses sharp retractable claws. They wear wide leather belts which hold in place a yellow skirt and a crude tunic of patterned material. On their feet are high grey boots, and strings of beads hang around their necks.

The Cheetah people spend much of their time hunting. Although they live in groups, they usually hunt alone. Their favourite technique is to teleport into the vicinity of their prey and chase it down on horseback, bringing it back to their own territory to feed. When food is in short supply, however, they will resort to tracking prey through the forests or even attacking each other. Unless very hungry, the Cheetah People play with their victims, catching and releasing them to improve their skills and provide amusement. They always go for prey that runs from them in preference to victims who remain still.

When their hunting is completed, Cheetah People generally lie in the sun eating or sleeping in small groups. There behaviour is much like that of animals, despite the fact that they are developed enough to produce clothing and tents. They are capable of speech, although they do not engage in casual conversation. Some Cheetahs form friendships, but extreme hunger will overcome these feelings.

The origins of the Cheetah People are uncertain. Some of them at least are mutated humans, but they may also reproduce normally. Their planet is in some way alive, and attempts to transform anyone with the right temperament. This transformation does not attempt to control the victim, but instead destroys inhibitions and strengthens existing animal instincts, making it hard to resist. Anyone on the planet with a suitable personality must beat difficulty 4 against Determination to avoid 'infection' every day. The difficulty is increased by time, associating with the Cheetahs and fighting. After becoming infected, frequent rolls against determination must be made, with failures resulting in further mutation and success temporarily reversing the change. The initial stages are cat-like eyes and teeth, along with the powers of the Cheetah People. Eventually the character's body is completely transformed. These characters retain their feelings towards others, and some of their previous interests, but otherwise behave like normal Cheetah People. They revert to their original forms on death.

The Cheetah People's sharp claws inflict 4 Wounds.

The tough hide of the Cheetah People, along with the protective influence of the planet, provides full Armour 3.

The Cheetah People have few weaknesses. It is sometimes possible to distract them from their prey, but not when they are very hungry. They are completely immune to all forms of mind control, but can be persuaded to help someone in return for food etc - as long as they feel it is in their best interests. For example, the Master gave the Kitlings the information needed to teleport to Earth and find new prey for the Cheetahs.

These creatures resemble black domestic cats and are related to the Cheetah People, possessing the same power of teleportation. They are scavengers which feed on the carcasses of the Cheetahs' prey. The Cheetahs have a telepathic bond with the Kitlings, and can see through their eyes. This ability is used by the Cheetah People to find prey.

The Kitlings have Strength 2, Control 2, Size 6, Weight 2, Move 3, Determination 2 and Awareness 3. They posses the same Control and Awareness special abilities as the Cheetah People, plus Contortionism 3 and Teleportation 3. Their claws can cause 2 Wounds.

Teleportation [Move]
This power enables Cheetahs to teleport instantly to any location they know well or have seen through the eyes of the Kitlings, even between planets. They are capable of taking several other creatures with them, such as their horse and their prey. Using this ability takes some effort, so it is not used to travel short distances. Kitlings are unable to transport other creatures, but can teleport with less precise details of their destination.


Omega is a disembodied creature of tremendous willpower. Long centuries of isolation have driven him insane, but he remains a brilliant and dangerous foe. Two goals are always foremost in his mind: regaining a physical form in the real universe, and obtaining revenge upon the Time Lords. This second goal is (or at least was pre-Arc of Infinity) irrational, and varies with his state of mind. When he loses hope of returning to the world of matter, he will happily consign the entire universe to destruction, whereas if he believes he has succeeded he may settle for recognition as a hero and rightful ruler of Gallifrey.

Omega's behaviour is erratic. He is subject to violent mood swings, from gloating arrogance to destructive rage to suicidal despair. While ruthless in pursuit of his goals, he will not engage in pointless cruelty. As he has lacked any restraints on his behaviour for so long, he has little self control, and can be provoked into rash actions. Despite his unbalanced mental condition, Omega is a genius. He pioneered solar engineering, and provided the power source for time travel. He harnessed the energy of a singularity and successfully converted matter to antimatter, not to mention draining the energy of the universe. He is capable of building a TARDIS unassisted.

Currently Omega exists in the universe of antimatter. He is able to reshape his environment at will, but he no longer considers the effort of maintaining his creations to worthwhile. Even in this world, Omega has no physical form. He may construct a body which he can manipulate as if it were his own, but he can feel nothing, and is unaffected by anything which may happen to it. Omega may safely enter our universe if he finds a gateway, but can only observe. Without the 'flame' of singularity, he is not powerful enough to influence the universe in any way. To overcome this problem he may bring a shielded antimatter body into this dimension, but only for short time.

Characters who somehow manage to enter Omega's universe and survive may also attempt to shape their surroundings. To do this they must beat the difference between their Determination and the difficulty of the effect they desire. If two or more characters to combine their efforts, every five points of Determination put into the attempt adds one to the most powerful character's Determination. Difficulties will always be 10 or more. If Omega is consciously opposing such attempts, they must first beat the difference between their Determination and Omega's.

One of the ways in which Omega may try to restore his matter form is by temporal bonding. This involves selecting another Time Lord, and transforming antimatter into a duplicate of this Time Lord's body. To do this, detailed bio-data on the Time Lord and colossal amounts of energy are required. If the bond is unsuccessful, the new body will eventually revert to antimatter. Omega's life force will not be permanently linked to the body in this case. If the bond is successful, Omega's Strength, Size, Weight, and Move will become equal to those of his duplicate. He will also regain some measure of sanity, and his knowledge will increase to 8.

Omega does not usually carry a weapon - he has no need for them. Under special conditions he may use a blaster or other energy weapon.

To have any kind of physical existence in the universe of matter, Omega must use a special form of armour. It is known as a Q-Suit, as it is made of materials from a Q star. These materials produce Quad magnetism, the only known force that prevents the catastrophic reaction between matter and antimatter. If Omega wishes to acquire a Q-Suit, he must obtain the aid of a being from our universe. The Q-Suit contains a 'body' of antimatter, which Omega is able to manipulate. If the suit is breached, the protection of the Quad magnetism (which decays after a few days anyway) is lost, and the local cluster of galaxies ceases to exist. Omega will not be permanently harmed by this, although he will certainly be in shock. The suit provides full Armour 5.

Omega has no physical weaknesses - with no body, he is in effect indestructable. The only 'possible way to harm him is via mental combat, i.e. fighting with Determination rather than Control. Any volunteers? However, if he ever succeeds in obtaining a body, he could be killed normally. The one weakness Omega does posses is his insanity. This makes him careless and easy to provoke.

Manipulate Antimatter [Determination]
This skill increases Omega's ability to shape the world of antimatter. It enables him to do virtually anything he wishes within his universe.

This item appeared in TSV 29 (July 1992).

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