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Missing Scenes Resurrection

Deleted Scenes from Resurrection of the Daleks

By Paul Scoones

NOTE: This 2005 rewrite of the original 1992 article revisits the script source material and incorporates footage from the DVD which was released many years after the original article was published.

There are three known sources of deleted and extended scenes for Resurrection of the Daleks, each with some unique material and a degree of overlap. Placing these segments into story order it is possible to build up a picture of what was removed from the finished, televised version of the story.

The first source is a set of the BBC camera scripts for the first of two studio recording blocks (Wednesday 21 September to Friday 23 September 1983), containing all of the Space Station and TARDIS interior scenes. Included in these scripts are several pages of additional material not seen on screen. Note that I do not have access to scripts for the second recording block (featuring the scenes set in the Warehouse and on the Dalek Ship), or for the scenes shot on location.

The second source is the US version of Part Two, an earlier edit lacking music and sound effects, but containing several scenes (or bits of scenes) subsequently removed from the finished version of the story. This was supplied to US broadcasters in error and transmitted on US television.

The third source is the DVD of Resurrection of the Daleks, which includes an 'Extended and Deleted Scenes' section, encompassing some of the material from the above sources as well as some additional segments. Oddly enough, some of the extra footage from the US version has not been included on the DVD.

Most of the material from these three sources would have been removed for timing reasons so that the episodes did not over run, but other factors may also have had some influence. For instance, a few of the scenes described here are of a violent nature and may have been dropped or curtailed for this reason.

Every identified additional sequence has been described, but minor dialogue and scene alterations present in the script have been ignored.


DVD: The beginning of the first scene aboard the Dalek ship, following the model shot of the ship:

In the Reception Area, the guns used by the policemen materialize in an alcove. A group of Dalek Troopers assemble in the chamber, awaiting Lytton's arrival.

The scene continues as in the TV version with the materialization of Lytton and the dead bodies.

Script, DVD: The couple of first scenes (scenes 14 and 15 in the script) set aboard the space station are introduced as "The year is 4590 AD." This date does not feature anywhere in the serial. These scenes involve a conversation between the medical officer, Styles, and the newly-appointed security officer, Mercer. Mercer suggests that Control should be informed about the poor condition of the station, but Styles advises against it, saying that it has been tried before 'Usually by inexperienced new boys like you.' The scene ends here in the TV version, but in the script and on DVD it continues as follows:

STYLES: And the way you're carrying on, you'll finish up like the others.

MERCER: Meaning?

STYLES: Dead. You're the third security officer we've had in four years.

Script: When the space station has been invaded by the Daleks and is in command, there is a scene (Scene 32) in the TV version in which Mercer rushes on to the bridge and says 'We're finished. It's every man for himself. Destroy the prisoner.' However in the script Mercer communicates these instructions by radio. The camera directions added to the script also have Mercer physically arriving on the bridge.


Script: The first scene of Part Two featuring Styles and Mercer (Scene 3) ends on screen with Styles reminding Mercer, "Have you forgotten. This station has a self destruct system." The scene continues as follows:

MERCER: Operate it? That would be suicide.

STYLES: Do you honestly think we stand any chance of getting off this station alive?

Mercer realises that what Styles is saying is true.

US Version: Following the scene in which the Supreme Dalek orders the warehouse end of the time corridor sealed:

Turlough is in the Reception Area aboard the Dalek Ship. He tries to open a door control panel without success and gives up.

TURLOUGH: Oh no. I'm a fool!

He runs off down a corridor.

US Version: An extension to the end of the scene in which Turlough investigates the Duplicator Room aboard the Dalek Ship:

Turlough moves to the walls and peers into the opaque cubicles.

US Version: An extension to the end of the scene in which the Supreme Dalek gives orders to allow Turlough to roam freely:

SUPREME DALEK: He is only to be exterminated should he endanger our cause.

DALEK: I obey.

US Version: An extension to the beginning of the scene in which Colonel Archer tries to make a call from a phone box:

Archer walks down an alleyway towards a red telephone booth.

Script/US Version: An extension to the scene (Scene 28 in the script) in which Turlough crosses through the airlock into the space station:

Turlough approaches one of the exploded Daleks and looks at its innards. A Dalek appears, and he hides behind the exploded casing until it passes. He is about to emerge from hiding when two troopers appear.

US Version: An extension to the end of the scene set in the base camp of the warehouse in which Laird and Calder discuss getting Tegan and the wounded soldier to hospital:

Tegan sits up in bed and listens to their conversation.

DVD/Script/US Version: Following the scene in the Space Station Prison which ends with Davros's line 'He has interfered for the last time', is this complete scene (Scene 36) set in the TARDIS Console Room:

The Doctor and Stien enter. A bemused Stien looks around. The Doctor crosses to the console.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I know.

STIEN: (Cautiously) What?

THE DOCTOR: It's bigger inside than out.

STIEN: I'm going mad. Daleks. Time corridors. Now this.

THE DOCTOR: Well don't worry. Soon be over.

STIEN: Yes but will I still be sane enough to know?

Stien laughs humorlessly and the Doctor gives him a look.

Script/US Version: The very next scene following the one above lost its beginning. Scene 37 is set in a Space Station Corridor:

Mercer has a terrified Turlough pinned against the wall. Styles watches. the two crewmembers keep watch, one either end of the corridor.

MERCER This is the last time of asking: where have the Daleks concentrated their main force?

TURLOUGH: (Desperate to convince) I don't know.

Mercer hits Turlough.

US Version: An extension (not in the script) to the end of the same scene as above:

MERCER: (Pointing his gun at Turlough) Move. (Turlough hesitates). Move!

Script: A complete scene (Scene 48) set in the TARDIS console room, located directly after the scene in which the TARDIS materialises in the Dalek Ship reception area:

The Doctor operates the scanner-screen. On it we see the Reception Area.

STIEN: We're on the Dalek ship.

The Doctor operates the door opening mechanism.

STIEN: Where are you going?

The Doctor crosses to the door.

THE DOCTOR: I must find Turlough. You wait here.

The Doctor exits.

DVD/US Version: The American broadcast version of Episode Two differed in another respect as well - the cliffhanger occurs slightly later. Whereas in the 'standard' version it ends with Stien declaring that he is a Dalek agent, in the US version the scene continues with the Daleks arriving and surrounding the Doctor, chanting "Exterminate!". The cliffhanger occurs on a close-up of the Doctor's alarmed face.


Script: The first scene (Scene 6) of Davros in the Space Station Laboratory is missing the opening:

Davros has just finished a tour of inspection. Kiston and the two Daleks look on

DAVROS: Primitive, but adequate.

The scene then proceeds as seen on screen.

Script: The scene set in the Space Station self-destruct chamber in which Styles and the two crewmembers are killed (Scene 46) is relatively short on screen - Styles says "That's it" as she finishes arming the device and then reaches for the lever as the Dalek Troopers burst in and kill the trio. This is truncated from the scripted scene which is as follows:

STYLES: That's it!

SECOND CREWMEMBER: Wish I could say I was pleased.

Lights on the console flash. A klaxon sounds. Styles crosses to the crewmembers.

STYLES: Any last words?

SECOND CREWMEMBER: (Smiles) Why prolong it with a few hackneyed clichés.

STYLES: Why indeed.

But before Styles can return to the detonator, the door rapidly opens followed by a burst of laser fire. Styles runs back to the console as the wall near the console explodes and she is sent hurtling across the room. A broadside of laser fire pours through the smoking gap in the wall. The crewmembers turn to fire at the gap. They cannot see the troopers for the smoke. As they do, troopers pour in through the door and the crewmembers are killed. Styles, her head bleeding, crawls across the floor towards the console. She almost makes it, her hand reaching out for the detonation lever, when she is gunned down.


Script/DVD: What would have been the first scene of the episode, set in the Space Station Corridor with Airlock, was cut from the finished version. This scene (Scene 1) explains how Turlough acquired the weapon he is holding in the following scene when he and Mercer encounter Tegan in the reception area of the Dalek ship. It is described in the script as follows:

Mercer and Turlough run into view. Mercer is wild with revenge. Without pausing he shoots the two troopers working on the airlock mechanism. He then runs on into the space ship. Turlough pauses momentarily to pick up a trooper laser rifle.

This scene appears on the DVD but plays a little differently to the above description. Mercer now has a line of dialogue - he says 'Hey' to attract the Troopers' attention before shooting them, and Turlough chases after Mercer without collecting a weapon.

DVD: The scene in the Dalek Ship Reception Area which begins with Tegan's arrival and then has her meeting with Mercer and Turlough, is extended. The scene ends in the TV version with Tegan's line 'Look behind you'. The deleted segment contines:

Turlough and Mercer look at the TARDIS. Turlough moves off towards one of the corridors leading off the Reception Area. Tegan rushes over to stop him.

TEGAN: We must find him.

Turlough turns back and heads back the way he came, followed by Tegan and Mercer.

Script: A complete short scene (Scene 16) set in the TARDIS console room was removed. It is placed after one of Davros observing the Doctor being escorted to his laboratory. The script also refers to another missing scene (Scene 15) which appears to be of the Daleks trying to enter the TARDIS in the Dalek Ship Reception Area, as it is a shot from this that Turlough sees on the scanner in Scene 16:

Turlough turns away from the screen.

TURLOUGH: That's it. Let's go. The Doctor'll never get back.

TEGAN: We wait.

DVD/Script: Scene 19 is set in a Space Station corridor and features Lytton and his troopers. The majority of the scene appears in the TV version however Lytton's last line is cut. After Lytton receives his orders from the Dalek Supreme, Lytton relays instructions to one of his troopers:

LYTTON: (To First Trooper) Take two men and kill Davros. I'm going to the reception area.

The second sentence of Lytton's line is omitted from the recorded scene on the DVD.

DVD/Script: The following scene (Scene 20) is set in the Space Station Laboratory. Part of the dialogue between the Doctor and Davros is cut, immediately following the Davros's line 'Listen to me.'

DAVROS: You, in your way, are not an unambitious man. Like me, you are a renegade.

THE DOCTOR: Save your breath.

The scene then continues as on screen with Davros's line 'I had planned to completely redesign the Daleks...'

Script: One line is cut from the scene (Scene 26) of the Doctor trying to help the wounded Stien set in the Space Station Corridor. It follows the Doctor saying 'I can help you':

THE DOCTOR: Go back to the TARDIS.

DVD: Scene set in the Dalek Ship Reception Area.

Lytton collects some explosive packs from an alcove.

LYTTON: Let's go.

He puts on his helmet and joins a squad of Dalek Troopers in the Time Corridor terminal. They dematerialize.

Script: Another completely missing scene (Scene 29) set in the TARDIS Console Room. It is located after that of the Supreme Dalek ordering Lytton to go to Earth and exterminate Davros's Daleks:

Turlough and Tegan are recovering from their rough ride. Tegan operates the scanner. On it we see the alien artifact level of the warehouse.

TURLOUGH: What do we do now?

TEGAN: We must think... We have to find a way to help the Doctor.

Script: A continuity error occurs on screen with the Doctor entering the TARDIS on the lower level of the warehouse and exiting the TARDIS on the upper level. Attention is drawn to the error with Tegan's line, asking the Doctor 'What's going on up on the next floor?' in Scene 55. The error is due to cuts made to the end and beginning respectively of two scenes, both set in the TARDIS Console Room. Following the Doctor's line 'Lunch has arrived for our friend here.' Scene 55 continued:

The Doctor moves to the console. He flicks a switch and the time rotor starts to move.

Scene 57 begins:

The rotor stops on the screen we see the Time Corridor level of the warehouse.

The scene continues with the Doctor priming the virus cylinder and saying 'Open the doors'.

DVD/Script: Scene 56, set in the Space Station Laboratory has a couple of trims, removing some of the footage of the Daleks as the virus takes effect.

DALEK: Malfunction... Emergency...

The Daleks' voices become increasingly slurred.

The scene continues with Davros declaring 'Your lives are over!' and then another cut segment of the Daleks dying.

DVD/Script: Following the scene in which the Doctor releases the virus in the warehouse is a complete scene (Scene 60) set in the Space station Laboratory. This is described in the script as follows:

On Davros. He is watching something with the concentrated attention of a scientist examining the results of an important experiment. Pull back to show the two infected Daleks. Both have vast amounts of froth oozing from various parts of their casings. They both start to emit terrible screams.

On the DVD, the scene has some distorted (possibly ad-libbed) dialogue for the Daleks as they die. Davros does a circuit of the laboratory, watching their demise.

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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