TSV 30

September 1992

TSV 30
Published September 1992

Paul & Felicity Scoones
Computer Laser Printing
Chris Mander
Staff Writer & Researcher
Jon Preddle
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Kerrin Jones
Back cover art
Tim Hill


Positive reader feedback to issue 27's The UNIT Years prompted Jon Preddle to publish more from his epic continuity guide - at the time still very much just a work in progress. The featured subjects were a History of Space-Flight and the Doctor's Age. An early example of the later regular "Script to Screen" articles was an article on the unused portions of the Resurrection of the Daleks camera script. Jon Preddle also provided a run-down of spin-off Doctor Who books. Auckland landmark One Tree Hill could be seen in the background of this issue's cover illustration - artist Kerrin Jones's subtle in-joke relating to a fan video (featuring many TSV regulars), made earlier the same year at this location. These exploits were later immortalised in a story for Timestreams 4 by David Ronayne.





Reviews: Books

Reviews: Magazines & Fanzines

Reviews: Video


Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones, Felicity Scoones
4.The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club [News]
5.Update [News]
7.Land of Fiction [News] Paul Scoones
10.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Bevan Thomas, Aden Shillito, Steve Austin, Kirk Moore, Phillip J Gray, Matthew Akersten, Paul Rigby, James Campbell, Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler, Andrew Cook, Jonathan Park, Christopher Owen, Graham Howard, Fleur Hardman, Warwick Gray, David Halliwell
14.The Leisure Hive [News]
18."The Mind Robber" [Cartoon] Bevan Thomas
20.Galactic Junkmail
21.30th Anniversary Calendar [Book Review] Fleur Hardman
22.4-dimensional vortex 2 [Fanzine Review] Felicity Scoones
22.Data Extract 94 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
22.Dark Circus 10 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
22.Roving Reporter 1 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
23.The Frame 21,22 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
24.Doctor Who Magazine No 186 [Fanzine Review] Jonathan Park
24.Doctor Who Magazine No 190 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
25.Doctor Who Magazine No 191 [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
25.Revelation of the Daleks [Book Review] Christopher Owen
26.Timewyrm: Revelation [Book Review] Stephen Austin
26.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Adam Moffitt
27.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler
27.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Phillip J. Gray
27.Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible [Book Review] Clinton Spencer
28.Cat's Cradle: Warhead [Book Review] Clinton Spencer
28.Cat's Cradle: Warhead [Book Review] Adam Moffitt
29.Cat's Cradle: Warhead [Book Review] Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler
29.Cat's Cradle: Warhead [Book Review] Christpher Owen
29."The Web of Fear" [Cartoon] Bevan Thomas
30.Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark [Book Review] Adam Moffitt
30.Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark [Book Review] Fleur Hardman
31.Discovering Who [Regular] Alex Turlough
32.The New Adventures [Opinion] Jessica Smiler
33.The History of Space-Flight Jon Preddle
39.Discovering Who [Regular] Morgan Davie
40.Happy Birthday, Dear Doctor Jon Preddle
45.Fang Rock Facts Felicity Scoones
46.Discovering Who [Regular] Edwin Patterson
47.TSV Reader Survey - The Results Paul Scoones, Felicity Scoones
53.Perpugilliam [Fiction] Phillip J. Gray
55.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
56.Points of Trivia: The Mind of Evil Paul Scoones
58.What the Papers Said [Clippings] Paul Scoones
59.Time Lord Game Additions - Wirrrn [Regular] Justin Reynolds
61.Discovering Who [Regular] Micheal Dwyer
62.Welcome back, Doctor [Fiction] Murray Cramp
63.Fibremen of Spong Murray Cramp
65.Loch Ness Fishing Tours [Cartoon] Rochelle Thickpenny
66.Proposals for the new Fan Award System Andrew Cook
67.Slap on a Doctor Who Logo... Jon Preddle
70.Meanwhile, back on Telos: Tomb of the Cybermen [Video Review] Phillip J. Gray
70.Meanwhile, back on Telos: Tomb of the Cybermen [Video Review] Clinton Spencer
70.Meanwhile, back on Telos: Tomb of the Cybermen [Video Review] Steve Austin
71.The Space Museum [Regular]
72.Tardis Tales: The UNIT Reunion [Cartoon] Graham Muir
74.In Memory of the Late Doctor Who [Opinion] Aden Shillito
75.Missing Scenes Resurrection Paul Scoones
80.Time Travel in the Doctor Who Universe Stephen Pritchard
82.Discovering Who [Regular] Murray Jackson
83.Discovering Who [Regular] Alistair Hughes

Artwork by: Kerrin Jones, Richard Larsen, Adam Moffitt, Jon Preddle, Micheal Dwyer, Tim Hill (View thumbnails)