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Beyond the Book

White Darkness

By Paul Scoones

White Darkness by David A McIntee

David A McIntee is a Doctor Who fan writer. He submitted a script to then-script editor Andrew Cartmel for Season 27 which Cartmel liked, but it needed a rewrite so that it could be made within budget. The story was called Avatar and was set in 1927 Northern England. Season 27 was of course never made.

McIntee's first New Adventures submission was a story called Moebius Trip which editor Peter Darvill-Evans liked, making it an emergency back-up to be used in the event of any of the other planned novels falling through at the last minute - none have as yet.

The first inspiration for White Darkness came from watching the Wes Craven zombie horror movie, The Serpent and the Rainbow, which McIntee descibes as 'notoriously atrocious'.

Many long hours were spent researching the historical and geographical background detail for the novel - all within the Stirling Library in Scotland, which McIntee acknowledges in his book.

White Darkness was first planned as a purely historical story, but Peter Darvill-Evans encouraged the introduction of fantasy horror elements.

McIntee is currently working on his second New Adventures novel, First Frontier, scheduled for September 1994, which is set in 1957 during the UFO and 'Contactee' craze.

Source: TV Zone issue 45

This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).

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