TSV 35

September 1993

TSV 35
Published September 1993

Paul Scoones
Assistant Editor
Felicity Scoones
Assistant Assistant Editor
David Ronayne
Staff Contributors
Alden Bates, Graham Howard, Graham Muir, Jon Preddle
NZ Typewriters
Front cover art
Neil Lambess
Back cover art
Matthew Morris


TSV scored a major coup in getting Kate Orman to write about the circumstances that led to the publication of her novel The Left-Handed Hummingbird, and in the same issue published her short story, Dawn. In response to favourable contacts with Titan Books, TSV published an overview of their Script Book series. The slightly slimmer than usual issue came out just two months after issue 34, taking several late contributors by surprise after the three month gap between the last two issues. The reason for the haste was to recover lost time in order to get the next issue out for the thirtieth anniversary in November, and also to let readers know as soon as possible of The Dark Dimension cancellation.

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Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones
4.Club News [News]
5.Update [News]
8.In Print [News]
12.The Leisure Hive [News]
13.Galactic Junkmail
15.What the Papers Said Paul Scoones
16.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Morgan Davie, Christopher Harwood, Leigh Hendry, Alden Bates, Graham Howard, Gerald Joblin, Matthew Nagel, Stephen Pritchard
17.In A Bar Somewhere... [Cartoon] Alden Bates
19.What Might Have Been [Cartoon] Alden Bates
20.Scrapbook [Regular] Murray Jackson
23.Hatching the Hummingbird Kate Orman
29.Tardis Tales: The Return [Cartoon] Graham Muir
32.In Memory Alone [Opinion] Scott McPherson
34.Beyond the Book: Lucifer Rising [Regular] Paul Scoones
35.The Extended Silver Nemesis [Video Review] Graham Howard
38.New Dalek Weapon Alden Bates
40.Dawn [Fiction] Kate Orman
42.The Evil of the Daleks [Book Review] Jon Preddle
42.The Scripts: Ghost Light [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
42.Dalek Attack [Computer Game Review] Edwin Patterson
44.The Highest Science [Book Review] David Lawrence
44.The Highest Science [Book Review] Chris Rainbow
45.The Pit [Book Review] David Lawrence
45.Deceit [Book Review] David Lawrence
45.Deceit [Book Review] Morgan Davie
46.Lucifer Rising [Book Review] Paul Scoones
46.White Darkness [Book Review] Paul Scoones
47.Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer Paul Scoones
51.Doctor Who - The Scripts Paul Scoones
56.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
56.Who-oops [Regular]
57.Beyond the Book: White Darkness [Regular] Paul Scoones
58.A Prelude to Terror [Fiction] Leigh Hendry
60.Discovering Who [Regular] Alden Bates
60.Eye Testing in the Perfect World... [Cartoon] Alden Bates
61.What's Really inside a Mechanoid [Cartoon] Alden Bates
62.Zine Scene [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
62.The Mondasian Mount Rushmore [Cartoon] Alden Bates
63.Marvel Report [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
64.The Space Museum [Regular]
65.Genesis of Evil [Fiction] Jeff Stone
70.The Final Nail [Opinion] Matthew Morris
71.Dr Hoo: Planet of the Daleks [Cartoon] Alden Bates
72.Time Lord Game Additions - Frobisher, Bernice Summerfield [Regular] Justin Reynolds
74.What's Really inside a Dalek [Cartoon] Richard Larsen
75.TSV Back Issues

Artwork by: Neil Lambess, Tim Hill, Alden Bates, Richard Larsen, Justin Reynolds, David Ronayne, Brent White, Matthew Morris (View thumbnails)