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New Dalek Weapon

By Alden Bates

Schematics Supplement S996517B

Guardian Class Dalek

[diagram of Dalek]
Dimensions (in mm)
1945H x 1075W x 1123L
standard Dalek 15mm Dalekanium polycarbide shell
one multidirectional energy projector; two wide beam scatter phasers; head-mounted 5x3 rocket launcher - total storage: 80 shells
Power source
standard Dalekanium reactor - 600mw output

Since the advent of the altered Imperial Marauder class Dalek into service, the Renegades were forced to develop heavy weapons of their own. Their first attempt was the Guardian class. Rumours were heard of the Guardian's existence from advance scouts, but it was several years before the Guardian was seen in combat.

The Guardian class was hastily designed. The basic renegade unit was simply modified to include the rocket launcher, phasers and a battle computer extension. It was here that a design flaw was noticed. The firing of the phasers seems to weaken the connecting segments, meaning that during the first battle which they were observed in, several of the phasers were sheared off.

The Guardian was first used five years ago in the battle of Recten Sloob to guard the renegade time portal, hence the designation. Although as easy to damage as normal units, the three units did hold off the invaders, destroying a Marauder class unit while only sustaining minor damage until reinforcements arrived to assist. That battle was successful for the Renegades; they were able to steal an abandoned Movellan power source.

Intercepted radio transmissions from imperial sources suggest that the Guardian class is more of a threat than was first thought. All security agents have been issued with standard heavy duty weaponry. Current Renegade Dalek activity: unknown.

Below: the Guardian Dalek in action on Recten Sloob


This item appeared in TSV 35 (September 1993).