TSV 36

November 1993

TSV 36
Published November 1993

Paul Scoones
Assistant Editor
Felicity Scoones
Staff Contributors
Alden Bates, Graham Howard, Graham Muir, Jon Preddle
NZ Typewriters
Front cover art
Neil Lambess
Back cover art
Tim Hill


The thirtieth anniversary was celebrated with a centre page pull-out programme guide, an emphasis on the first story, an overview of the (then) four year production hiatus, and an interesting article from Jon Preddle on the Doctor's real name. Author David J Howe contributed a piece on the creation of his book Timeframe, and Jon and Graham Howard wrote about their experiences at UK Doctor Who conventions they'd recently attended. The cover artwork by Neil Lambess depicted the first and seventh Doctors with the Time Space Visualiser from The Chase.

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Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones, Felicity Scoones
4.Club News [News]
4.New Zealand Update [News]
5.Update [News]
8.In Print [News]
12.Traders' Corner
13.Leisure Hive [News] Paul Scoones
14.What the Papers Said [Clippings] Paul Scoones
16.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Justin Reynolds, David Lawrence, Alden Bates, Matthew Dentith, Aden Shillito, Chris Girdler, Bill Geradts, Jeff Stone, Stuart Brown, Leigh Hendry, Morgan Davie, George Rose, Samuel Anderson
20.Beyond the Book: Shadowmind [Regular] Paul Scoones
20.Beyond the Book: Birthright [Regular] Paul Scoones
21.Timeframe David Howe
23.Convention report: Panopticon '93 [Event Report] Jon Preddle
26.Convention report: Space Mountain III [Event Report] Graham Howard
30.The Doctor's Real Name Jon Preddle
32.Who-oops! [Regular] Jon Preddle
32."The Reign of Terror" [Cartoon] Justin Reynolds
33.An Earthly Time Lord Graham Howard
37.What really sent the Silurians and Sea Devils to sleep for millions of years... [Cartoon] David Ronayne
38.Cybercon '93 a retrospective Paul Scoones
39.Departure [Fiction] Craig Young
40.Scrapbook [Regular] Murray Jackson
41.Doctor Who Story Guide Paul Scoones
45.An Unearthly Child [Cartoon] David Ronayne, Paul Scoones, Jon Preddle
46.The Waiting Game Paul Scoones
50.Tardis Tales: Oh No! Not Another Anniversary Story! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
52.Marvel Review [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
53.Yearbook 1994 [Book Review] Paul Scoones
54.Dr Hoo: The Hunt [Cartoon] Alden Bates
55.The Handbook: the Sixth Doctor [Book Review] Paul Scoones
56.Iceberg [Book Review] Paul Scoones
56.Blood Heat [Book Review] Paul Scoones
57.The Dimension Riders [Book Review] Paul Scoones
58.The Left-Handed Hummingbird [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
58.The Paradise of Death [Audio Review] Paul Scoones
59.The Power of the Daleks [Book Review] Paul Scoones
60.Drabble Who [Book Review] Paul Scoones
60.Timeframe: the Illustrated History [Book Review] Paul Scoones
61.Deceit [Book Review] Chris Girdler
61.Lucifer Rising [Book Review] Chris Girdler
62.Lucifer Rising [Book Review] David Lawrence
63.White Darkness [Book Review] Chris Girdler
64.White Darkness [Book Review] David Lawrence
65.Shadowmind [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
65.Birthright [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
66.Dorothy [Fiction] David Ronanye
67.Time Lord Game Additions - Chelonians, The Mara [Regular] Justin Reynolds
70.The Space Museum [Regular]
74.Rebirth [Fiction] Matthew Dentith
75.An Unearthly Pilot Episode Jon Preddle
80.Story File: 100,000 BC [Regular] Jon Preddle
83.TSV Back Issues

Artwork by: Neil Lambess, Richard Larsen, Alden Bates, Tim Hill, Justin Reynolds, Roderick Hannah, David Ronayne (View thumbnails)