February 1988

Published February 1988

Paul Scoones
Associate Editor
Paul Sinkovich
Paul Scoones
Murray Jackson, Michael Mayo, Jon Preddle, Paul Scoones, Cornelius Stone
Printed by
Paul Scoones


After four months TSV returned in a radically redesigned format. In a move to reduce time and effort, the pages were now A4 and the issue was made up of just three pages stapled in one corner, looking much more like a newsletter than a magazine. The logo was also slightly modified. The majority of the brief issue was taken up with Season 24 news, reviews of stories recently broadcast on NZ television, and the results of a Season 15 survey in which Image of the Fendahl was rated favourite story.



Reviews: Television

Reviews: Book

Print contents

1.Season 24 News [News]
1.Season 25 Rumours [News]
1.Movie News [News]
1.Book News [News]
2.Episode Errata Paul Scoones
2.Editorial Paul Scoones
2.What the Papers Say [Clippings]
3.Image of the Fendahl [Television Review] Cornelius Stone
3.The Sun Makers [Television Review] Paul Scoones
3.Underworld [Television Review] Jon Preddle
4.The Invasion of Time [Television Review] Murray Jackson
4.The Ribos Operation [Television Review] Michael Mayo
5.The Pirate Planet [Television Review] Paul Scoones
5.The Romans novelisation [Book Review] Paul Scoones
6.Target novelisation list [News]
6.Television Preview: The Seventeenth Season [Preview]
6.Season 15 Poll Paul Scoones