TSV 40

July 1994

TSV 40
Published July 1994

Paul & Felicity Scoones
Staff Contributors
David Bishop, Tim Hill, Graham Howard, Graham Muir, Jon Preddle
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Tim Hill
Back cover art
Warwick Gray


David Bishop's interview with Andrew Cartmel was a major first for TSV. No other publication had published the McCoy era script editor's views on his time on the show. TSV were fortunate in that David knew Cartmel professionally and therefore was able to arrange the interview. Tim Hill produced a huge amount of artwork at short notice to illustrate the piece, one of which we used on the front cover. Some readers felt that the interview should have been serialised over two or three issues, as it occupied 26 pages. The reason for printing it complete in one issue was due to a concern that once the first part had been printed, other publications might approach Cartmel and get the jump on TSV for the remainder of the interview. As it turned out, DWM expressed an interest, and bought the rights to the interview from David Bishop, publishing it issues 224 to 226. From this issue onwards, TSV's printers scanned colour images for the issue and produced high definition black and white images of the book and video covers.

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Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones, Felicity Scoones
4.Update [News]
6.In Print [News]
10.Club News [News]
10.NZ Update [News]
11.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Kate Orman, Rochelle Thickpenny, Edwin Patterson, Alden Bates, Jon Preddle, Matthew Kamstra, Jeremy Pickford, Stuart Brown, Wade Campbell, Darrell Patterson, David Ronayne
17.Doctor Who Programme Guide [Book Review] Paul Scoones
17.The Scripts: Galaxy 4 [Book Review] Paul Scoones
18.Decalog [Book Review] David Lawrence
18.Decalog [Book Review] Jamas Enright
19.Decalog [Book Review] Stuart Brown
20.Traders' Corner
21.The Krynoids Guy Blythman
24.Who-oops [Regular]
25.Andrew Cartmel [Interview] David Bishop
51.What are Cybermats good for? [Cartoon] Peter Adamson
52.The Two Doctors [Video Review] Stuart Brown
52.Dragonfire [Video Review] Stuart Brown
53.Marvel Review [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
54.Tardis Tales: A New Adventure! Part one [Cartoon] Graham Muir
56.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
57.Why Daleks Don't Bungi Jump [Cartoon] David Ronayne, Lee Middleton
58.All-Consuming Fire [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
58.Blood Harvest [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
59.No Future [Book Review] David Lawrence
60.No Future [Book Review] Chris Girdler
60.No Future [Book Review] Jamas Enright
61.Tragedy Day [Book Review] Chris Girdler
61.Tragedy Day [Book Review] Jamas Enright
62.Tragedy Day [Book Review] David Lawrence
62.Goth Opera [Book Review] Felicity Scoones
63.Script to Screen: Ghost Light [Regular] Jon Preddle
67.Story File: The Evil of the Daleks [Regular] Paul Scoones
71.TSV Available Issues

Artwork by: Tim Hill, William Gravenor, Chris Girdler, Warwick Gray (View thumbnails)