Writer's Commentary

Part Two: Mastermind

The subtitle for this section was obvious. Part One essentially was all about Season Seven, so Part Two was all about Season Eight in which Roger Delgado's portrayal of the Master dominates Doctor Who. In fact the Master has already made several appearances in Who Killed Kennedy despite the fact that Terror of the Autons would seem to suggest he has just arrived on Earth for the first time. But The Mind of Evil suggests the Master has been around for months, having had time to treat more than a hundred patients with his Keller Machine.

Six: Good Friday 1970

Virgin Publishing editor Rebecca 'Bex' Levene felt Who Killed Kennedy needed something to break up the constant first person narrative from Stevens. Between us we concocted the idea of dropping in letters from a UNIT soldier, Private Francis Cleary. These became a useful way of introducing exposition, giving an alternate point of view on events and illustrating Cleary's mental collapse.

Cleary's first letter makes mention of Sergeant Benton, a character that first appeared in The Invasion and became a UNIT regular during The Ambassadors of Death. Cleary also refers to real world current events like the Vietnam War (something mostly went unmentioned in Doctor Who on TV) and the Asian Flu. These were attempts to ground Who Killed Kennedy in the reality of its times.

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