Writer's Commentary

Seven: April 1970

Stevens is now a freelance journalist and starts writing for Metropolitan, a fictional magazine first mentioned on screen during Planet of the Spiders. Sarah Jane Smith would also contribute to the title. Stevens goes for a literary lunch at Simpson's in Piccadilly, a venerable department store in central London. Since Who Killed Kennedy was published Simpson's closed down and the building is now a branch of the booksellers Waterstones.

Stevens negotiates a deal to write a book speculating what would have happened if JFK had lived. This was a quick way of reminding readers about the link to Kennedy, as I was conscious the assassination was not being integrated with the rest of Who Killed Kennedy. Virgin were very jumpy about my making mention of US Senator Edward 'Teddy' Kennedy and the incident at Chappaquiddick, because that Kennedy was still alive and could sue if we libelled him.

The chapter ends with some references to events from Terror of the Autons. Part of my research for Who Killed Kennedy was examining not just what happened in various TV Doctor Who stories, but also assessing what impact those events had on the world at large. The effects from Terror of the Autons were surprisingly limited; just a few dead scientists, an increase in asthma attacks and some plastic daffodils being recalled - hardly the stuff of apocalypse.

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