April 1988

Published April 1988

Paul Scoones
Paul Scoones
Murray Jackson, Michael Mayo, Mark Roach, Paul Scoones, Nigel Windsor
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Paul Scoones


Half of this six-page newsletter was taken up with reviews of Season 24; almost all were highly critical of the latest batch of stories. The results of the Season 16 survey placed The Pirate Planet as the favourite story, narrowly edging out The Stones of Blood. This was the last issue edited by Paul Scoones and published in Auckland for more than two and a half years.



Reviews: Television

Print contents

1.The New Producer? [News]
1.All Quiet on the Movie Front [News]
1.Season Twenty Five [News]
1.Regeneration Issue [News]
1.Book News [News]
1.What the Papers Say [Clippings]
2.Season 18 [Preview] Paul Scoones
2.Editorial Paul Scoones
3.The Poll: Season 16 Paul Scoones
3.The Armageddon Factor [Television Review] Kingi Milward
3.Destiny of the Daleks [Television Review] Michael Mayo
4.Time and the Rani [Television Review] Nigel Windsor
4.Time and the Rani [Television Review] Murray Jackson
4.Time and the Rani [Television Review] Michael Mayo
4.Time and the Rani [Television Review] Paul Scoones
4.Paradise Towers [Television Review] Murray Jackson
5.Paradise Towers [Television Review] Michael Mayo
5.Paradise Towers [Television Review] Nigel Windsor
5.Paradise Towers [Television Review] Paul Scoones
5.Delta and the Bannermen [Television Review] Michael Mayo
6.Delta and the Bannermen [Television Review] Paul Scoones
6.Delta and the Bannermen [Television Review] Murray Jackson
6.Dragonfire [Television Review] Paul Scoones
6.Dragonfire [Television Review] Michael Mayo