May 1988
(May/June 1988)

Published May 1988 (May/June 1988)

Andrew Poulsen & Scott Walker
Front cover art
Scott Walker


A new-look issue with a slightly modified logo and a return to the A5 format heralded the changeover to the Christchurch TSV editorial duo of Andrew Poulsen and Scott Walker. The pair had founded the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club and produced a first issue, "The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club Newsletter Number 1", before accepting Paul Scoones' offer to adopt Time Space Visualiser as the name of the club's newsletter/fanzine. Features included an article by Paul Scoones proposing that the novelisation publishers should branch out into original novels (three years before the New Adventures became reality). Jon Preddle offered a transcript of the milestone last few minutes of The Massacre, and new TSV regular Richard Scheib launched his short-lived Exegesis column, looking in-depth at each story (or rather novelisation).




Reviews: Book

Reviews: Video


Print contents

3.Editorial Andrew Poulsen
4.Fan of the Month
5.The Letters Pages [Letters]
Murray Jackson, Richard Scheib, Adam Schwarz, Mark McKay, Nigel Flockhart
6.Davros Second Hand Daleks [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
7.Time Space Visualiser Changes [News]
7.Future Sight [News]
8.Bits and Pieces [News]
9.News [News]
11.Merchandise Past: Dr Who and the Daleks Omnibus book [Book Review] Scott Walker
11.Merchandise Past: The Key to Time book [Book Review] Nigel B. Flockhart
12.Encyclopedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who A-D [Book Review] Jon Preddle
12.The Doctor and the Master play chess [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
13.New Zealand Zines & Conventions
13.The TARDIS changes its appearance [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
15.Confusion '88 Convention [Advert]
17.Patrick Troughton biography Scott Walker
18.Season 24 First Impressions Scott Walker, Andrew Poulsen
20.A New Dimension for Target? [Opinion] Paul Scoones
21.Revenge of the Cybermen [Video Review] Michael Mayo
22.Exegesis: An Unearthly Child [Regular] Richard Scheib
25.Yeti rug [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
26.The Massacre Missing sequence Jon Preddle
28.Trivia [Regular] Jon Preddle
28.A Cyberman strangles the Fifth Doctor [Cartoon] Graham Muir
30.What the Papers Say [Clippings]
Supp.Another Year of JNT [Cartoon] Murray Jackson

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