August 1988 (July/Aug. 1988)

Published August 1988 (July/August 1988)

Andrew Poulsen & Scott Walker


In 1988, Jon Preddle appeared on New Zealand television, competing in the television quiz show Mastermind, with Doctor Who as his specialist subject. This issue featured a transcript of Jon's questions from his first Mastermind round. Editors Andrew Poulsen and Scott Walker also received media attention, appearing in the Christchurch Star newspaper in an article about the club. Apparently at the time only Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley had larger New Zealand fan clubs!





Reviews: Television

Reviews: Book

Reviews: Magazines & Fanzines


Print contents

3.Editorial Scott Walker
3.Kamelion [Cartoon] Scott Walker
4.Fan of the Month
5.The Letters Pages [Letters]
Jon Preddle, Paul Scoones, Paul Clark, John Gorman, Paul Sinkovich, Michael Chisnall, Richard Scheib
8.Future Sight [News]
10.News [News]
12.Bits and Pieces [News]
12.Seventh Doctor watching TV [Cartoon] Graham Muir
13.Television Guide [Preview]
14.Meglos [Television Review] Paul Scoones
15.Merchandise Past: Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special [Magazine Review] Murray Jackson
15.Book News [News]
16.The Doctor Who Role Playing Game [Book Review] Paul Scoones
18.The Forgotten Tales: The Robots Paul Scoones
19.Trivia [Regular] Jon Preddle
20.Competition Results & Answers
21.The Companions of Doctor Who: The Return of Romana [Fiction] Paul Scoones
23.Doctor Who on Mastermind
25.Jon Pertwee Biography Scott Walker
26.Pakistani Daleks
27.The Doctor Who Dictionary [News]
28.Exegesis: The Daleks [Regular] Richard Scheib
34.What the Papers Say [Clippings]
34.Enditorial Andrew Poulsen

Artwork by: Scott Walker (View thumbnails)