October 1988

Published October 1988

Edited by
Andrew Poulsen
Printed by
Debbie Ogier


TSV's longest-running column, Doctor's Dilemma - similar to DWM's Matrix Data Bank - in which Jon Preddle attempts to provide answers to readers' continuity conundrums, made its debut. The results of the Season 17 survey unsurprisingly placed City of Death top of the poll. Andrew Poulsen was by now sole editor of TSV. Like Paul Sinkovich before him, Scott Walker dropped out as co-editor after two issues.





Reviews: Video

Reviews: Book

Print contents

3.Editorial Andrew Poulsen
4.Fan of the Month
4.The Very Last Dr Who Story [Cartoon] Graham Muir
5.Letters [Letters]
David Wood, Michael Mayo, Murray Jackson, Paul Scoones
8.Future Sight: Twenty Five Years of a Time Lord [News]
8.Book News [News]
9.The Classifieds
10.Bits and Pieces [News]
11.TVNZ Programme Guide
12.News [News]
14.The Leisure Hive [Video Review] Paul Scoones
16.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
18.Season 17 Poll Scott Walker
21.Exegesis: The Keys of Marinus [Regular] Richard Scheib, Michael Chisnall
25.Dalek survival on Earth [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
26.Doctor Who on Mastermind
28.Memories and Experiences Nigel Flockhart
29.Doctor Who Biographies: Tom Baker
30.Redemption [Fiction] Michael Mayo
37.A Cut Above the Rest Jon Preddle
40.Galaxy Four [Book Review] Murray Jackson
41.What the Papers Say
42.'Tardis' takes them to the top [Clippings]