Doctor Who and the City of Death

By David Lawrence

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When the Doctor and Romana take a break from their travels in Paris 1979, a holiday is far from what they get.

Strange things are happening: lost art treasures are turning up, secret experiments are causing distortions in time, and the greatest art fraud in history is about to reach its fruition.

When the time travellers team up with Duggan, a British detective, they learn that everything points to Count Carlos Scarlioni, a wealthy and famous art collector who is somehow much, much more than he seems...

If Scarlioni is allowed to succeed, his plans will result in all life on Earth ceasing to have ever existed...

A TSV Book
Cover artwork by Alistair Hughes
Published by the New Zealand
Doctor Who Fan Club, 2008

Print editions: Doctor Who - City of Death by David Lawrence (first edition) TSV Books, 1992; (second edition) TSV Books, 2002

Original script copyright © David Agnew 1979
Novelisation copyright © David Lawrence 2008
Doctor Who copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation 1979, 2008

This is an unofficial and unauthorised fan publication. No profits have been derived from this book. No attempt has been made to supersede the copyrights held by the BBC or any other persons or organisations. Reproduction of the text of this e-book for resale or distribution is prohibited.


1. We'll Always Have Paris
2. Art and Lies
3. In Equal Scale Weighing Delight and Dole
4. There's No Art to Find the Mind's Construction in the Face
5. The Art of the Matter
6. Escape Into Danger
7. I Have Heard Of Your Paintings Well Enough
8. ‘The centuries that divide me shall be undone!’
9. But Look; The Morn In Russet Mantle Clad...
10. So Full Of Artless Jealousy Is Guilt
11. O! Call Back Yesterday, Bid Time Return!
12. The Death of Art


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