TSV 45

September 1995

TSV 45
Published September 1995

Paul Scoones
Assistant Editor
Nicholas Withers
Layout Assistants
Daniel Spragg, Matthew Dentith
Front cover art
Alistair Hughes
Back cover art
Paul Potiki
Regular Contributors
Peter Adamson, Graham Howard, Jon Preddle, Alistair Hughes, Graham Muir
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd


The Key to Time theme, (linking in with the release of Season 16 on video), was fine in theory but a nightmare to coordinate. Each story review was by a different writer, some of who delivered on time and others - for the best of reasons - were so late that it looked for a time as if only part of the season would be covered. The issue met with criticism from those who felt that the theme was too overpowering, leaving little content for those not interested in the Key to Time adventures. Kate Orman provided an article on the writing of Set Piece, and Andrew Cook and Peter Adamson created the comic strip Sums Over Histories. TSV moved to a quarterly schedule, a change forced by editor Paul Scoones starting a new job. The issue was hastily completed with the assistance of Nicholas Withers over two twelve-hour sessions. The experience gave rise to a new desk-top publishing approach to producing the issue in 1996...

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Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones
4.Update [News]
7.New Series Rumours [News]
9.In Print [News]
12.Club News [News]
13.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Samual McLeod, Francis Cooke, Matthew Kamstra, Guy Blythman, Adam Bishop, Ian Davies, David Ronayne
16.Traders' Corner
17.The Ribos Operation [Video Review] Peter Adamson
23.The Pirate Planet [Video Review] David Ronayne
27.Story File: The Pirate Planet [Regular] Paul Scoones
31.The Stones of Blood [Video Review] Phillip J. Gray
36.The Game [Fiction] David Ronayne
37.The Discontinuity Guide [Book Review] Jon Preddle
37.Decalog 2 [Book Review] Paul Scoones
39.Sums over Histories [Comic Strip] Andrew Cook, Peter Adamson
47.But the Details Aren't Important - Writing Set Piece Kate Orman
52.The Trouble with Sontarans [Cartoon] Peter Adamson
53.The Androids of Tara [Video Review] Graham Howard
57.Story File: The Androids of Tara [Regular] Paul Scoones
61.The Power of Kroll [Video Review] Nicholas Withers
65.Story File: The Power of Kroll [Regular] Paul Scoones
69.The Armageddon Factor [Video Review] Alistair Hughes
73.Sanctuary [Book Review] Nicholas Withers
73.Human Nature [Book Review] Nicholas Withers
73.Non-Canonical Birds of Doctor Who #1: Saucer Smith [Cartoon] David Ronayne
74.Human Nature [Book Review] Matthew Dentith
74.Original Sin [Book Review] Nicholas Withers
74.Sky Pirates! [Book Review] Paul Scoones
75.Zamper [Book Review] Nicholas Withers
75.Non-Canonical Birds of Doctor Who #2: Frobisher [Cartoon] David Ronayne
76.Warlock [Book Review] Chris Girdler
76.Set Piece [Book Review] Francis Cooke
77.Infinite Requiem [Book Review] Chris Girdler
77.Infinite Requiem [Book Review] Francis Cooke
77.Non-Canonical Birds of Doctor Who #3: Professor Bernice Summerfield [Cartoon] David Ronayne
78.Dancing the Code [Book Review] Rochelle Thickpenny
78.The Menagerie [Book Review] Rochelle Thickpenny
79.System Shock [Book Review] Nicholas Withers
79.The Sorceror's Apprentice [Book Review] Matthew Dentith
80.Invasion of the Cat People [Book Review] Paul Scoones
81.The Romance of Crime [Book Review] Samual McLeod
81.The Ghosts of N-Space [Book Review] Francis Cooke
82.Time of Your Life [Book Review] Francis Cooke
82.Eye of Horus [Audio Review] Scott McPherson
83.Telos [fanzine Review] Francis Cooke
85.Marvel Review [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
87.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle

Artwork by: Alistair Hughes, Peter Adamson, Paul Potiki, Chris Girdler, Roderick Hannah, Tim Hill (View thumbnails)