A Brief History of TSV and the NZDWFC

July 1987 - Paul Scoones and Paul Sinkovich publish the first issue of TSV in Auckland.

January 1988 - Andrew Poulsen, Scott Walker and Kay Lilley start up the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club in Christchurch.

May 1988 - TSV 7 is the first issue published by the NZDWFC in Christchurch.

March 1989 - Doctor Who - Shada is published by the NZDWFC, marking the beginning of a project to produce novelisations of all five TV stories not covered by Target Books.

July 1989 - Trakon, New Zealand's first ever Doctor Who convention, is held in Christchurch by the NZDWFC. [Review 1, Review 2]

September 1989 - The Doctor Who Listener Vol 1: 1964-1971 is published, marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first New Zealand Doctor Who television broadcast.

August 1990 - The first issue of Timestreams, a companion fanzine to TSV featuring Doctor Who short stories, is published.

September 1990 - WhoCon, the second NZDWFC convention, takes place in Christchurch. Jon Pertwee and Mark Strickson are the guests of honour. [Reviews]

January 1991 - TSV returns to Auckland and the editorship of Paul Scoones. A one-day mini-convention called DoctorCon is held simultaneously in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. [Reviews]

January 1992 - DoctorCon 2, a small-scale weekend convention, is held in Wellington. [Reviews]

June 1993 - TSV wins in four out of five categories at the inaugural NZ SF & Fantasy Awards, including Best Clubzine, Best General Fanzine, Best Writer and Best Artist.

July 1994 - TSV's fortieth issue features a world first; an interview with former script editor Andrew Cartmel about his time on Doctor Who.

August 1994 - Gary Russell is the guest of honour at Continuum, a small-scale weekend convention held in Wellington. [Reviews]

April 1995 - TSV wins in four out of five categories at the NZ SF & Fantasy Awards, including Best Fanzine, Best Other Publication, Best Artist and Special Achievement.

January 1997 - Tom Baker visits New Zealand to shoot some television commercials and is the guest of honour at a one-day event called An Afternoon with Tom Baker, held in Auckland.

February 1997 - TSV's fiftieth issue is published, featuring extensive coverage of Tom Baker's visit.

April 1997 - Decade, a publication celebrating ten years and fifty issues of TSV, is published.

October 1997 - Virgin Books publishes Licence Denied - Rumblings from the Doctor Who Underground, a collection of articles reprinted from fanzines, including Why the Nimon Should be Our Friends from TSV 41.

January 1998 - TSV goes on-line with an official webpage, created and maintained by Alden Bates.

January 1999 - The Lion, a missing 1965 episode of Doctor Who, is located in Auckland by Neil Lambess and Paul Scoones and returned to the BBC.

January 2000 - Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks is published by the NZDWFC, marking the completion of a project to produce novelisations of all five TV stories not covered by Target Books.

June 2000 - TSV's sixtieth issue published.

February 2001 - Colin Baker and Katy Manning are guests at Armageddon 2001, and Colin is interviewed for TSV.

May 2002 - Censor clips from Web of Fear and The Wheel in Space are located by Graham Howard, the second time lost material has been found in New Zealand.

April 2003 - DoctorCon 2003, a one-day event held in conjunction with the Armageddon 2003 convention, is held in Auckland with Janet Fielding and Paul Cornell as guests.

May 2004 - Interview material is recorded that later is used on the BBC's Doctor Who: Lost in Time DVD. The interview features Neil Lambess, Bruce Grenville and Paul Scoones. The interviewer is Adam McGechan and the cameraman is Nigel Windsor.

January 2005 - TSV 70, Paul's final issue as editor, is published.

March 2005 - TSV receives a Sir Julius Vogel Award (an annual award that recognises excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by New Zealanders) for 'Best Fanzine in 2004'.

August 2005 - Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Katy Manning appear in the stage production Inside the TARDIS, in both Wellington and Auckland.

August 2005 - Adam McGechan takes over as TSV editor with issue 71.

For a detailed history of TSV, see the archive!